What is blood made of Pre-k Science

What is blood made of

What is blood made of Pre-k science

I signed my kiddos up for their first homeschool science fair! They were super excited about this and so was I. It was fun to see the kid’s wheels turning. I wanted to do something pretty simple for my Pre-k Kiddo. I gave him a few topics to choose from and we landed on blood. It had to be a hands-on learning experience since he is in Pre-k and it was a HUGE hit. What is blood made of science fair project was a huge hit at the science fair with not only the kids but the judges too.

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I searched for pre-k projects and there were not that many. I did find this project on Pinterest from another blog called I Can Teach My Kids so I can not take all the credit for this. She had some pretty awesome resources she used as well. (Check her post out too.)  We had to use the scientific method as with any science project. It was so much fun watching him learn and put this all together. I had to help of course especially with putting things on his board.

What is blood made of?

The Research

We first started out by checking out books from our local library about blood that was pre-k level. I then read those books to Weston so that he can get an idea of what blood was made of and what bloods purpose in our body is. I also went to google to find images that I could use his board and he helped pick which ones he wanted to use. The books we used for this project are

Hands-on portion

Here is the fun part of this whole project. Like I said I wanted a project that could be hands-on and this was the perfect one.  We made blood for him to take and show the judges along with the other kids that were there. This was a super fun and easy project to do.


Now you just put it all together. In the tubberware container, you pour your beads in with water and let them plum up. Then add your foam balls to the plump water beads. With the foam paper you want to cut it into small little rectangles you don’t really need the whole sheet. Once you have those pieces cut add those to the mixture. Make sure you have a little bit of water leftover in the container and BOOM you have made blood!   The water beads represent red blood cells, foam balls are the white blood cells, the foam paper pieces are the platelets, and the water is plasma.

The Board

Now that you have your blood made let’s talk about the board. I have these cool craft scissors that cut neat designs. We used those to cut construction paper for borders under our printed information.  I typed everything up for Weston and he helped me glue them to the board. I also used my Cricut to cut the header out in an awesome blood font. He chose blue duct tape to make the border around his board. When we were setting up his presentation I made sure we brought paper towels and hand sanitizer since his blood was made to be touched.

Weston is 5 and he presented this project on his own to the judges. I was very proud of him this was the first time he has presented anything. The judges were very impressed with his presentation. He received a participation ribbon he was the only Pre-k kiddo there.

This turned out to be a very fun project. I even enjoyed touching the blood we made. I love that the water beads are so versatile. If you decide to do this as a project I would love to hear what your kids thought about this.

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