Weekend fishing.

This weekend was a very productive weekend. It was absolutely beautiful except the wind of course. We are known for our outrageous winds. Thank you, Oklahoma. We were wanting to take the kayaks out since it was supposed to be beautiful. We are supposed to have horrible weather later tonight thanks again Oklahoma. It is that time of year again. Since it is getting warmer there will be more fishing going on over here. (there are affiliate links in this post and I may make a small commission if a purchase is made at no cost to you.)


Friday, we decided to take the kayaks out it was beautiful out but the wind was really strong. We paddled one of the bridges near where we launched. The wind was about 22mph so paddling was a big battle. My arms got a great workout, though. We went to the bridge in hopes that the fish would be hiding there. They were not there and it was a huge pain in the booty trying to tie off to the bridge since the waves were pretty rough. We managed to tie off and dropped a few lines but nothing was there.  Then decided to paddle back toward the shallows since the water was a little calmer.


We didn’t catch anything which is fine we had loads f fun. I had Weston in my kayak and we paddled past a log with a  turtle on it. I told Weston to look at the turtle as I  paddled by; the turtle jumped into the water. Weston said “make him come back,” I told him I couldn’t make him come back. Weston started saying “here turtle turtle” it was the cutest thing. We decided to call it a day since we didn’t have any luck catching anything.

kayaks ready to go

Saturday there was a kids trout fishing tournament in a local city. We decided to take the kids; they were very excited about it. It was supposed to be beautiful out but the weather changed during the night so the temps dropped. It was pretty chilly but we still went to the little tournament. We met my brother in law and his family. The kids got to finally use their new fishing poles.

They were fishing on a stoked little pond and Zo, of course, was the only one to catch anything. She caught a total of 3 fish they were all little blue gill. I think the pond turtles were stealing our bait. They kept swimming by our lines and popping up. After we were there for about 2 hours the kids were ready to go since it was pretty cold. They said that they had loads of fun which is all that matters.

kids fishing
Zo fishing.
kids fishing
The kids fishing


Weston Fishing
Kids playing

Blue River

Later that day the husband went fishing with his brother and found a beautiful place for us to go camping.  It is so beautiful and I can not wait to take the kids there. They went to the blue river which is about 2 hour from us. The camping is free as long as you have a hunting and fishing license which is really awesome.

They had pretty good luck out there on the river. The fish were loving the bait they were using; catching a total of 8 rainbow trout which we were able to keep and caught a little rock bass it wasn’t  big enough to keep.

The rainbow trout were beautiful I am excited to cook them. I have never eaten trout before so I am pretty stoked to try it. The rock bass is very pretty they have orange-tipped tail fins. The husband said that it was a hike to get to the great fishing area but totally worth it.  The trout were loving the bait that they were using. If you come up to Oklahoma you should check this place out.

Beautiful Blue river
Blue River
Blue River
Little falls
Blue River
Sunsetting on Blue river
Rock bass
Little Rock bass
Rainbow trout
Rainbow trout

Sunday is our relax day/cleaning day. What is your favorite outdoor activity?



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  1. Looks like the kids had fun : ) Beautiful scenery too! We live in the midwest, so we’re still waiting for it to warm up. This week finally looks promising, so we’ll get the kids’ bikes down after a very long winter.

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