The Brilliant Bungalow’s Water Unit

The Brilliant Bungalow Water Unit Review

The Brilliant Bungalow’s Water Unit Review

We were given the chance to review this beautiful water unit for my Pre-k kiddo. I am very late with posting this review. Life has been very hectic here with moving and welcoming a new baby! Enough about my life back to the water unit. Weston loved learning about water with this water unit. I am not going to go over everything that is in the unit just a few things that we did that was hands-on.  Let’s go over The Brilliant Bungalow’s Water Unit

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The Brilliant Bungalow water unit review

Water Unit Overview

This water unit is geared toward ages Pre-k to 2nd grade. The Brilliant Bungalow’s water unit has a schedule outline laid out for you if you need that to plan when you are going to do the activities. this is just a proposed outline meaning that it is just a guide. You can switch it up to make it work for you and your kids. I love that it tells you which subjects are built into the activities. For example, the landform card activity covers earth science and geography. The unit covers all subjects with different activities. I LOVE that she has additional activities listed that you can do that ties into the water unit.

This water unit is 24 pages long and very colorful. This unit can take a week to cover or you can expand it to probably a month if you wanted to. You would just have to add a few more activities and books to go with it. It is a very easy to follow unit and simple there is no over thinking this. Simple is key for me when it comes to units that I add to my homeschool. I think it is perfect for the age groups that it is listed for you can make it work for those grade levels by adding certain criteria to challenge 2nd and 3rd graders.

The Brilliant Bungalow Water Unit

When I first decided to add The Brilliant Bungalow’s water unit to our homeschool I researched what books I can add to the unit. We try to get loads of books to read and master what we are learning about. I found a handful of books that went perfectly with this beautiful water unit. The unit has a proposed outline laid out for you to follow if it works for you.  I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stick to the original outline that this unit has to offer. Which is why I love adding mini units to our homeschool we can make them fit our needs.

How I used the Unit

It took us about two weeks to go through this unit. We did the activities that she has planned and I switched up a few things.  I picked which activities I wanted to do with the kids and went from there using the water unit. I wanted to make sure there was plenty of hands-on activities to go with this unit, especially for my Pre-k kiddo. We used the landform cards paired with a book to play a game. I called out a landform and they would find the card.

Water words activity is what my 3rd grader did since it was about writing words that relate to water. With the water word activity, I asked both kids about words that come to mind when I say water then I wrote them on the board. I think my favorite activity from the water unit is the Rainbowfish story. I read the book to the kids and we made tissue paper fish. It was a little different than what was suggested in the unit. I allowed them to craft while I read the water books that went with the unit.

We used our balance scale for the balancing worksheet to measure the weight of certain objects. What kid doesn’t like using manipulatives? (Mine absolutely love using them and I try to fit them in where I can.) Weston did the leapfrog counting worksheet. It was geared toward skip counting. I have a dice that he rolled to get a number then counted the leaves with the number he rolled and circled the leaf that corresponded with that number. It was a simple activity that he really enjoyed. We also used it to go over odd and even numbers.  We also talked about our body and how we need water to survive.

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Activities I added

Instead of adding letters to the rainbowfish activity I decided to use tissue paper and make it an art project. While I read the rainbow fish the kids glued tissue paper on the printable where the letters would be. I also found this awesome blooming flower activity that I wanted to do with the kids. The kids thought it was the coolest thing they have done in a while. We also went camping during this unit study so I added fishing to one of the activities. The kids caught a small catfish each we did release them back.  We made a trip to the splash pad to enjoy some water play.

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I love adding as many hands-on activities that I can. I found this fun idea to make a  paper plate island to go with the landform cards that comes with the unit. The kids used the play-doh that we had on hand to make these cute little islands. If you don’t have play doh you could make your own or use kinetic sand. I realized after the kids colored the plates it would have been so much easier just painting them. We also took a trip to our local aquarium.

I would love to hear about your water unit activities. Do you like adding little unit studies to your homeschool? If you want to see behind the scene don’t forget to follow me on Instagram or Facebook.  I also have a FREE unit study printable to help organize a unit study.

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