Starting A Blog

Starting a Blog Resources

Starting A Blog Resources

Starting a Blog

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Are you wanting to start a blog? It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what you need to do to start your own blog. There is more to it than just jumping in and starting to write about topics you like. You have to figure out your niche (Main topic) and who your audience is. It is a lot of work but not totally impossible. Keep in mind I will continue to add links to this list that I have found helpful.

I have put this page together to share with you resources to use to start your own blog. I will have courses I have used and loved to narrow down on my niche and what I needed to get started. There are so many awesome women out there that have a blog specifically about starting a blog. Which I will list the few that I have used to get information to get my blog where it is today.

When I first started my blog I had like 4 topics I wanted to write about. I thought I was going to make a killing becoming a lifestyle blog. Boy, was I wrong even though I had topics to write about my blog was all over the place. I struggled for a while before I realized that I needed to niche down and even once I niched down I needed to figure out who my target audience was.

Let’s get into the resources for you to use.

I made a yearly blog and social media stats printable. You just have to add the year to it so you can use it every year. FREE PRINTABLE!!Dearlyndsey Blog and Social media Stat printable

Namecheap Hosting: I have used name cheap hosting for the last 2 years. They have wonderful customer service and have done great hosting my website.

Tailwind is my favorite tool to use for scheduling Pinterest pins and finding other pins to share with my audience.

Grammarly is amazing to use to keep your grammar and spelling in check. I know sometimes I write so fast and I forget to proofread which is where Grammarly comes in to save the day.

For my blog graphics, I use Canva it is very user-friendly and has premade templates that you can choose from.

I also enjoy using stock photos to create graphics. I use websites like and


Profitable Pinner A great resource to get you started with profiting from your Pinterest account.

Blog Income Bootcamp  A great resource to help you get started with earning an income for your blog.

I used a few courses and books from Startamomblog. I read her blog by numbers book and blog by number course. This helped me set up what I need to get started with my blog. This will help you even if you are not starting a mom blog.