Fun Friday: Slime


Fun Friday

In our homeschool, every Friday is fun Friday.  This means that we don’t work on our curriculum and we focus our day on fun learning activities. It helps us not get burnt out on homeschooling by giving us a much-needed break. During the week we focus on our curriculum with tasks that have to get done. Friday is our relax or laid back school day. We made this Friday Slimtastic ( I know it’s not a word) with our end of the week activity. (This post will contain affiliate links. If a purchased is made with the links I may earn a small commission.)

Started the day

The kids started the day off with waffles for breakfast. Yum! While they were eating I worked on the computer a little bit while drinking my coffee. The kids wanted to attempt to make slime today. I say attempt because I am not that great with making things properly. Before we got to the slime we had to do a little bit of reading.

Read aloud

On Fridays, I like to try and read a few poems to them in the morning. We are currently reading Everything is a Poem. It is a really cute book of funny short poems the kid are loving it so far. Our other read aloud is Moby Dick the illustrators classic. While I read the kids get to draw a picture of what the story is about. Throughout the book, I will ask simple questions to make sure they are listening.

Moby Dick


Moving on to the slime part of Fun Friday. The kids and I tried to make some simple slime to play with. I am very unsure on how I messed up simple slime but I did. It was more like goo which was fine the kids were able to play with it still. Thankfully they were super patient about not getting it right. I tried 3 different recipes and they all FAILED! So I may have to leave slime to Daddy to make. We didn’t have any on hand and we were trying to make the fluffy slime. Slime/ Goo play was a success the kids got down and dirty with the goo that was made. They got a bath right after because it was a bit messy.


We ended the night watching Moana. The kids played with their toys and really enjoyed the movie. I absolutely love Fun Fridays since we get to spend time together as a family. I am glad that we decided to add Fun Fridays to our schooling. It seems to really help with the wind down before the weekend and helps not get burnt out on homeschooling.

How was your Friday? What fun Family things do y’all do to get that family time in?




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  1. The first time I tried to make slime, it failed for me, too. But I’ve since made several successful batches and my kids love it. Although, it looks like your kids loved the messy version you ended up with too, so that’s great!

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