Simple Toddler Rice Sensory Bin

Simple Toddler Rice Sensory Bin

Simple Toddler Rice Sensory Bin

My youngest Evie will be 1 year old this month. That means that she is ready for sensory bins. I am so stoked to put them together for her. I have started introducing her to play learning activities. She is really enjoying them. I picked up most of my supplies at the dollar tree. I had some items on hand like rice and tools. The first bin that I decided to start with is a simple toddler rice sensory bin.

Simple Toddler Rice Sensory bin is an easy way to use items on hand to create learning fun for your toddler. It is fun and engaging who wouldn't want to play in some fun colored rice? It is also great for preschool and Kindergarteners too. #homeschool #toddlerplaytime #simpletoddlerricebin #sensorybin #ricesensorybin #dearlyndsey

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  • Bin / Container
  • Rice (plain or colored)
  • Tools
  • Toys
  • Shower Curtain

I decided to dye the rice I will be using for our sensory bin. The technique I used to dye the rice is toddler-friendly with the use of vinegar instead of alcohol.  It will help with learning colors but you do not have to dye the rice plain rice will work fine too. I also gave her tools to scoop up the rice and containers to put the rice into. You can pretty much use anything to play with the rice. I also used little toy figures for her to find in the rice. The sensory bins can be themed for holidays, season, or your child’s interests.

I personally used a shower curtain as a shield for our floor. This made clean up easy for me and I didn’t lose rice. The shower curtain will be handy for other awesome hands-on sensory activities. You do not have to overcomplicate sensory bins. Just using what you have around the house will suffice. I had leftover Easter eggs that she was able to use scoop rice up with. She could also close it to make a makeshift maraca.

Rice Sensory bin

There are so many different objects you can use to get playtime out of the rice. I love how flexible sensory bins can be. They can be very satisfying for your toddler. The bins work on fine motor skills, touch, sight, and so much more. The rice sensory bin can be used in many different ways. You can use it to make hide and seek games, color sort, shape sort, but not limited to just those. There are also many different fillers you can use and I plan to give some a try later on.

If you need more sensory ideas check out this book Everyday Sensory Play it has assorted activities, 25 sensory tips, 600+ easy sensory activities, and more.

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  1. I loooove the idea of using vinegar to dye the rice! My one year old would totally enjoy making a mess with this!

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