Secular Curriculum Review: Natural Disasters

Secular Science Curriculum Review Natural Disasters

Secular Curriculum Review: Natural Disasters

I want to say upfront I did receive this curriculum to do a review and share my thoughts on it.  I was very excited to work through this beautiful secular curriculum on natural disasters. In this article, I will share my thoughts and opinions on the Natural Disaster curriculum from Love at Home Education. Attached is also a youtube video to watch my thoughts and see some of the hands-on activities that went with this curriculum. Let’s get into the Secular curriculum review on Natural disasters.

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The natural disaster curriculum is rated to be a K-12 curriculum. It is broken down into 6 different natural disasters and has bonus mini-unit on glaciers, landslides, water cycle, and avalanches. With every unit, there is a list of supplies that will be needed for that section. Each section has mini vocab cards that you can cut out and use as flashcards. With each section, a list of extra resources is provided to further expand the learning for that topic.  The resources provided were great with sharing art for the lessons along with informational videos. Writing guidelines are provided with this curriculum if you are wanting to add in a bit of language arts to the learning. Included are art ideas and hands-on experiments to go with different natural disasters.

My Thoughts

I personally enjoyed working our way through this curriculum. I love that it is very hands-on and leaves it open to make it fun. My kids are in Kindergarten and 4th grade and this was right in their learning abilities. Personally, I can not speak for older kiddos or whether this would be a great curriculum for older kids since mine are younger. Most of the activities that are suggested are geared toward younger kiddos along with some of the books recommended. The kids loved the fun hands-on activities that we did with this curriculum.  In my homeschool, my main priority is to have fun while learning and teaching the kids. I want to make sure that they grow to have a love for learning and I feel like this curriculum fit those criteria.

My Experience

I didn’t print this curriculum out I used the curriculum on my Ipad. I found it was easier for me to teach them from my Ipad since the extra resources were clickable links. This made it easy to pull up a youtube video, pictures of the paintings, poems, and other add ons that go along with this curriculum. My kids really enjoyed the activities that were included in this curriculum and were able to learn hands-on about these natural disasters. We made a mini volcano out of a glass bottle and some old play-doh that needed to be used.

Make sure you watch the video to see some of the fun activities. The kids learned so much from this curriculum.

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