Mini Vacation: Texas



We took a mini vacation to Texas. My little sister was graduating high school so we decided to travel to support her. My dad came home for the graduation so the kids were excited to see grandpa. (He works overseas.) I can’t believe my little sister is grown up. It was nice to catch up with family and friends on this little vacation.

Graduation weekend

We drove 6 hours to Texas with 2 kids that was a fun time.  They weren’t bad thankfully they got along most of the way. We made it to my mom’s house Friday night and stayed there until Tues. Saturday we went out for her graduation dinner boy was it delicious. Joe’s Crab Shack was the choice I mean who doesn’t love seafood plus a little play area for the kids. I would call that a win. Sunday was graduation day. Yes on a Sunday on Memorial Day weekend. Who does that? Plus it was at 7 PM so the graduation didn’t finish until almost 10 pm. My kids were so over that night having to sit through the long ceremony.

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Not cool

We had awesome plans for Monday. We were planning on going to schlitterbahn which is one of the worlds largest waterparks. They were having a great deal for veterans and we wanted to take the kids. That plan fell through since it was supposed to storm all day. This is why we never plan anything and try to be spontaneous. It ended up being a decent day though we were able so go visit my husbands battle at the veterans cemetery to pay our respects. It was great to see others there paying their respects.  Later that night we decided to go bowling since we didn’t have anything else planned. The kids had an absolute blast bowling and visiting with family.

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Last days on the mini

We left my mom’s house Tuesday afternoon to head to my friends out to stay there for a few days. It only took about an hour to get there. We enjoyed our time there watched some movies and caught up with each other. They took us to a local natural spring to go swimming and it was absolutely beautiful. The water was freezing though and storms started rolling in. Decided to go eat dinner at a small burger joint then pick up some ice cream. This burger and ice cream place had a little playground! More places need that so the kids will eat and then have a chance to play. Thursday we left Texas to come back home to Oklahoma.

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I would have to say that our trip was a success. I wish it was longer and we were able to do a little bit more.

14 comments on “Mini Vacation: Texas

  1. This looks like such a special time! Going back home is always so emotional for me – but always so fun and emotionally fulfilling!

  2. It looks like you had a great time. I have never been to Texas. It’s on my bucket list, though!

  3. Oh my goodness! That food looks amazing!

    I’ve never been to Texas but I hope to get there in the near future. It seems so wonderful!

  4. Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned specially things that depend on weather and such. But it always fun to go out for a mini vacation. I usually enjoy them more than longer vacations. Never been to Texas, I don’t like that its so humid down there but I will surely plan to visit on autumn.

    1. Yes, I am just glad we were able to turn it around. I agree it is so humid and gross. I hope you have a great time in autumn and hopefully wont be so gross.

  5. Traveling with kids sure is an adventure! I have vivid memories of car trips as a child, though… good times 🙂

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