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Little Passport

Little PAssports

Little Passports

The kids got a monthly subscription box Little Passports from their grandma for Christmas! I love that my mom is supportive of our homeschooling decision and the kid’s education. You don’t have to homeschool to love this subscription box though! The Little Passport is a super cute and fun extra resource. Plus the kids get excited about getting their own little packages in the mail! Let’s explore with Little Passports. (NOT sponsored or affiliated)

First box

The first box is a super cute suitcase with a starter pack that has a world map, passport, stickers, letter, and more fun things. It comes with a postcard that explains what is in the box and what to expect with the future packages. The maps are a little different the early explores map is color coded continents and the world edition map is the continents color coded and more detailed with the names of the countries along with the cities. The stickers were for them to put on the outside of their suitcase. My toddler loved this part his suitcases is stickered out. They have passports as well where they can put stickers of the places they have learned about through their boxes.

Monthly Package

Every month they ship a package to you. The package will contain activities from their adventures from that month. You also have the option to add extra things to your boxes before they ship.

 Little PassportLittle Passport

Little Passport

Early Explorer

The month of January was celebration month for the early explorers. It came with stickers to put on the world map, examples of celebrations from other countries they chose 3 to talk about. This box had simple activities for littles like match the contents with crayons. There were celebration crowns to color. The passport has fun activities that go with where they travelled. Talks about foods that certain countries eat during celebrations. This month it had a recipe to try from one of the places.   It was super cute and my toddler really enjoyed them.

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World Edition

This months box was for Brazil. It came with the luggage tag that has a link to more information online. There was a Brazil flag sticker for the passport and a cute little thumbtack sticker for the world map. Every month you get a letter from Sam and Sofia about their travels. A sticker for the suitcase to show your travels and a little activity book. It even came with a recipe for a sweet treat from Brazil.

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What are your thoughts on the Little Passports box? Have you ordered it before?


Little Passport

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  1. That sounds really fun! I can definitely imagine that as a kid it would be really exciting to get to look forward to a new box in the mail each month!

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