Lessons from Life : Rain Cycle


Rain cycle.

The beauty of homeschooling is you can learn just about anything you want to. There are times that we have random lessons that pop up. This may turn into a mini series because we have random lessons quite often. This will be called Lessons from Life. Since kids have curious minds we are always answering their questions. Today it has been veery stormy here in good Ole Oklahoma. This lead us to a rain cycle lesson.  I do not own the image in this post but linked the source to the image.

Rain Cycle

We were eating out breakfast Zo started the conversation with “I know how rain is made”. She said ” that rain was made of carbs” I believe she meant carbon.  This sparked up a pretty big science conversation. Zo loves science so she is very curious about EVERYTHING science. This was an opportunity to teach her that we couldn’t pass up.


I started to explain to her that rain is made from the sun heating the water. Zo said that the water starts to Evaporates. Yes, she knew what evaporation was which was pretty exciting. It is nice that we can teach her these things at random. She learned that the evaporated water turns into clouds. That the clouds hold the water and when they get full they precipitate or rain on the land.  Learning that the rain can turn into hail was so fascinating. I found a kid friendly image to show her so she can visually see the process. I found it on the Nasa Aquatics website.

Rain cycle.


This is kind of like an unschool learning experience. I love moments like this because it keeps the fun of learning alive in our homeschool. This helps keep our children on their toes and excited with learning what they are curious about. We have plenty of moments like this so I think I will turn this into a mini-series.

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