Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum

Jasmine Moran Children's Museum Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum

We took a field trip to the Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum Friday. We went with our local homeschool group. I absolutely love that group and I am very glad that I stumbled upon them. They have so many activities for us to attend. Sorry I started rambling back to the point of this post.

All the fun

If you are ever in the Seminole Oklahoma area with your kids you should stop by the Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum. It is so awesome with all the little areas that the kids can play it. My kids had an absolute blast I had a blast with them. Zoei’s favorite part was the small grocery store. She enjoyed pretending to shop and working with the cash register. Weston’s favorite was the small car shop where he could work on this cute little car.

There was so much for them to do and see we spent all day there! We were worn out by the end of the day. We packed our lunch and met the group up there then parted our ways inside since all the kids wanted to go to different places. I really enjoyed myself and the time with the kids. They had this little train that you could ride around the building. Weston really enjoyed that part. You remember light bright boards? They had a huge light bright type board that was really cool Zoei tried to make a heart but couldn’t so I made her a heart and showed her how to do it. The kids would love to go back so I would have to say that this place is amazing! We will be planning another trip.


You can read all my homeschool articles if you have missed any of them on my homeschool page. You can also check out my youtube channel I am slowly getting back into posting videos.

Jasmine Moran Children's Museum

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