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How I was injured

Injury update? If you are new to the blog I was injured on the 10th of June. I was at my annual training for the National Guard. We were in Kansas and I live in Oklahoma.  We were on a live fire range qualifying on our weapons. There were only 3 teams/trucks going down range to qualify my truck and another two trucks. We were working our butts off to try and get these qualifications knocked out. Didn’t have much longer left on out training.

My truck just got done on the firing line and had to drop off all our spent brass off to the ammo shack. Then I started to ground guide (walk) the truck back to the gravel parking lot to get back in line to go back down range. I was walking in front of the Humvee so my driver can see me.  Went to slowly turn to look over my shoulder to check the distance between myself and the Humvee. Guessing there wasn’t enough room like I was hoping to find.

When I turned to look, the Humvee was too close and somehow my right foot got stuck under the passenger tire which in turn pulled my body inward. This made my left foot turn inward and under the tire as well. My body fell forward after the tire was on my feet. I was in full battle gear. My head and chest were protected by my gear. The truck just stopped on my feet long enough for them to realize oh crap. The driver drove backwards and released my feet that started swelling right away.


My battle buddies and the medic on the range came to my side so fast, was blessed to have those people there. My battle buddy stayed by my side through the whole process. The medic worked fast and made sure I was okay and comfortable on my ride to the hospital. It felt like it was a long and bumpy right thankfully I didn’t feel anything. The only thing I could feel is my feet swelling it felt like they were about to pop off.

I got to the ER the nurses there were awesome and took care of me. They were like girl you are so strong not even freaking out about what just happened. My feet looked so gross I will post some pictures but I will spare the semi-graphic ones. It wasn’t too graphic but there was a little blood and my feet were not in the proper position. They were turning colors it was my first big injury ever.

I found out that I broke both feet and ankles. My right foot had a Liz Franc fracture. It is where more than one metatarsal bones are displaced from the tarsus. My ankles were broken at the joint. The doctor said that I needed “emergency” surgery on my right foot for the Liz Franc fracture. They had to go into my foot and put 5 screws in to hold those bones in place.

Long Road Ahead

I was unable to walk. Since both feet and ankles were broken there was no way I could walk. Went to surgery the day after my injury. The doctor put me in a walking boot and a cast.  I was in the hospital in Kansas for 5 days before I got released to go home to Oklahoma.Once I got home to Oklahoma I had to get to a doctor asap to get my stitches out from the first surgery. I found an Orthopedic doctor within a few days thank goodness. He could get me in for an apt on the 26th of June.

This is when I found out that the hardware already in my foot would have to come out in about 14 weeks and that I need to have another surgery on my ankles.  Screws were put in my ankles since they were broken at the joint. I went in for that surgery on the 29th of June not long after my first appt. This surgery put two screws in each ankle.

The surgery went well on both ankles they have healed well. I had my last surgery on my right foot Sept 28th this was to remove the screws from the Liz Franc fracture. This was a simple/easy surgery for my doctor. He didn’t live a big scar just 3 little holes. The first surgery left a semi-long scar. I have two awesome scars on my ankles.


The doctors decided I need to start doing physical therapy and started with my left foot since it was healed before the right.  Just started physical therapy on the right foot. Both feet are healing well. There are still things I can’t do such as running, jumping, and I can’t do lunges. Since the injury, my ankles don’t want to bend like they are supposed to. It sucks but I am glad I can walk again it’s getting better at least.

I am 5 months out from my injury I was unable to walk for 3 of those months. So walking has been a learning curve again. I am just glad that I can walk and slowly get back to normal. I don’t think I will be 100% ever again and I am okay with that if I can do everyday tasks and outdoor adventures with the family. It has been a very long process so far and will continue to be a long. I could stay positive with all my support I received. Things could have been worse how can I not be positive. So now I am still just working on making my feet and ankles strong again. They are healing great and my initial mobility is extremely great.

Thank you for reading I am sorry it’s so long. I figured I would share the whole story since I haven’t yet. I have only posted a little bit of what happened.

How I was Injured

7 comments on “Injury Update

  1. That sounds so scary! It’s amazing how you stayed so positive. I’m guessing you did not continue with the National Guard. I live in Kansas!

  2. What a nasty injury; especially to have had both ankles and feet broken! But thank God for modern medical advances that have allowed you to heal from such catastrophic injuries. I know you still have quite the road ahead of you before you will be “healed” from all of this, but it’s amazing to see how far you’ve come already. Hang in there and keep fighting to regain your mobility!

    1. Thank you, it has been a long road and I cant believe it’s almost been a year since the injury. I am doing so much better than when I started. I agree I am so thankful for having an awesome Doctor that took great care of me. It has made this process smoother than I think it would have gone.

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