How to Create a Unit Study

How to Create a Unit Study

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How to Create a Unit Study

Creating a Unit study is always loads of fun. It helps if you are doing child-led learning but if you are not that’s okay too.  I Love having unit studies in our homeschool it makes my life easier when they are planned out or even if we want some spur of the moment learning on a certain topic. You can definitely get some premade unit studies from other bloggers I will link to some that I have used in our homeschool. I will also go over the simple steps on how to create a unit study on your own. I also created a FREE Unit Study outline for y’all!  Let’s get into creating a unit study.

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How to Create a Unit Study
Choose a topic

You choose your topic or ask your kiddos what they would like to learn about. There are so many topics that you can choose from. You can learn about practically anything which is the beauty of this. Here are some examples of topics flowers, natural disasters, bees, human body, snakes, weather, and those are just a few.


After you choose your topic start putting together a booklist that can go along with your topic. Check the books you have on hand to see if any will go with the topic if not don’t fret use your local library to pick up some on the topic. I Love using my local library because I can search for topics on their website and reserve those books then pick them up when they are ready.

Plan activities

Here is where you will lay out what you plan to go over. You can figure out which subjects you plan to work on with the topics. Most of the time you can cover all subjects in one unit study and that makes for some great learning. You can also plan fun hands-on activities to go with that topic of your choice. I am going to use the example of flowers to show that you can incorporate all subjects into a unit study.

Using flowers for math you can measure how tall a flower is, practice fractions with petals, practice adding, and subtracting. The science you can teach about the life cycle of a flower, color transfer to petals, sorting by parts of a flower, and grow a flower. Art is pretty easy you can have them draw a flower, color a flower, use flowers in some kind of art project like a mobile. Depending on ages for language arts they can write a small paper on flowers. If they are younger they can just write simple words that relate to flowers. Lastly, for geography, you can study flowers for different states or around the world. Field trips are also a great way to add learning in if you do a flower study you can visit a plant nursery.


Don’t forget that nowadays we have so many awesome resources to use to gather this information. I love looking for Pinterest for ways to make learning certain things fun. We are all about fun learning in our homeschool.  Youtube is also a great place to look for instructional or fun experimental videos. Sometimes Netflix has great movies or shows to go along with topics.

Putting it all together

Now that you have it all pretty much outlined for you just have to put it all together. You can schedule it however you would like! That’s the beauty of creating your own unit study is that you can make it fit into your schedule. They can be stretched out for a month of you can work on fitting it in in say 2 weeks. That is all up to you and what works for you and your kiddos. Most importantly don’t forget to have fun with this. This is something that is flexible that you can fit your own schedule.

I have used this water unit from Brilliant Bungalow (I’ll have a post on that up shortly so be on the lookout!) She has other neat units as well. I hope you can find one that fits your needs.

FREE Unit study Outline Sunflower background or you can choose this Plain outline.


I hope you enjoyed this post and that you found it helpful. I love being able to add simple unit studies into my homeschool. It makes learning fun and is great to add in when we need a break from our curriculum. Let me know what you have done for a unit study. You can also see more homeschool posts in the homeschool section.


Free Unit Study Printable

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