Homeschool curriculum 2017-2018

 Homeschool curriculum 2017 – 2018.

This is our homeschool curriculum year 2017- 2018.

I know this post is a little late since school has already started but it has been crazy since we just bought a new house. Thank you for being awesome and sticking with me. This is what we chose for our curriculum this year.  This year we are switching a few things up. I decided to try a few new things this year for our curriculum. Last year was our first ever year using a curriculum. It went better than I expected besides the spelling curriculum I chose. Zo absolutely hated the all about spelling it just wanted for her. These are just what we chose to use this year if could be great for us or it could be a total fail. That is the beauty of homeschooling we are able to make mistakes and learn from them. (This post contains affiliate links to the curriculum. I may earn a very small commission if a purchase is made at no extra cost to you.) Let’s jump right into what we are using this year.


We are going to be using Horizon Phonics reading and Reading 2. This will be a first for us to use. Zo has a hard time with reading and we tried to use all about reading last year it worked nicely but it was still a little overwhelming for her. This year I plan to switch it up and try something a little simpler.


We are continuing with Math U See. We loved it last year and we will be finishing last years book and then order the second book. I love that this curriculum has the hand on manipulatives that teach them to math. I haven’t ordered the second book yet since we still have some work left from last year. It got hectic near the end of the year.


This year I have two spelling books I plan to test out this year. They were both recommended to me. I am excited about both and cannot wait to see which one she takes to. They are two different styles so this will be interesting. The first one is Wordly wise 3000 book 2, I have heard great things about it. The second one is Sequential Spelling I was told this is a good one to use with children with dyslexia so we will see. 


Well, science will be a little bit of everything. I mainly use Mystery science since it is hands on and super fun for the kids to use. There is also another awesome blogger Tyee Outdoors Experience that I plan to use some of her new science curricula in our homeroom as well. If you missed my post on one of their lessons check it out.  I am not affiliated with them but I do love their science lessons.


Main curriculum:

Again, this year we are using Waterford. This is an online curriculum which is only an hour day of screen time. Zo loved this last year so we are sticking with it this year. It is a fun interactive learning experience. It uses songs and games to teach definitely makes learning fun. I also enjoy it since I can split the times up. It does 30 mins of reading and 30 mins of math. So, I can have her do the reading in the morning and get back on later and knock out the math or we can knock both out in the morning to have fun the rest of the day. 

Let me know what you are using for your homeschool curriculum. I will have another post about what we use for supplementing in our homeschool.



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