Homeschool Room Tour | First Quarter

Homeschool Room Tour

Homeschool Room Tour First Quarter

I love seeing how other homeschool families set up their spaces for teaching their kids. It helps me find ideas that I can add and see different styles. I am lucky that I have the space to have an actual homeschool room. The room has changed a little bit since I have filmed this and I plan to do an update at a later date.  This is our Homeschool room tour | first quarter of the year.

Homeschool Room

Please do not get discouraged if you do not have a room or space. Before we moved into this home I had no room to call our classroom. We used the dining room table during that time period.   It personally drove me nuts having our curriculum stacked on the table and not neatly put away somewhere. Also, don’t be fooled I am not a super-organized person but I like having a place to put things kind of like the out of sight out of mind saying. I guess you could call it organized chaos.



There are things I want to add still to our homeschool room. I would love more storage and ways to organize all the curriculum that I have accumulated over the years. I also only have this room for a  little while until my littlest transitions to her own room. Which then we may be back to the trusty dining room table. I will say though I like having a room dedicated to our schooling so the kids can focus on their work without getting distracted by other things. Let’s be real though they are kids and still get distracted with things but not as bad if we were in other parts of the house.

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