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I picked up some things for our homeschool room. So, thought I would share them with y’all. Since I finally made a trip out to our local school supplies store Lakeshore. Oh man, was I in heaven that place had so many things. They had manipulative’s out so the kids could test/play with them which was awesome. That helped us pick out 2 things for the kids to add to our classroom. So let’s get started. (This post contains affiliate links which mean’s I will receive a small commission if a purchase is made.)


I went to Lakeshore for one thing only and that was a canvas calendar holder. Well, that is what I call it. We had a regular class calendar that I found at target It was super cute but wasn’t practical. I had to use sticky tack to put the new month up and the numbers on the calendar. At first, it was no big deal but It was getting tedious and was tearing up my numbers pulling them off to start over. So we decided to buy the canvas hanging calendar holder. This one you can hang on your wall but has little slots that you slide the month and days in. This makes changing the month and days super easy. I just made my own days of the week to put in the day’s slots. I also had to make a card for Veteran’s Day neither calendar had a Veteran’s Day holiday card. That makes me a little disappointed. Other than that I am loving this calendar. You can find the classroom calendar kit.









While we were at Lakeshore I found some lined cards that I can write sight words on. They were also on clearance so I grabbed them. I plan to make a sight word wall which means I will be writing sight words on them and hanging them on the wall. This will allow us to look at them and go over them on most days. I can not find these online I am assuming they are not selling these ones particularly since I picked these up from the clearance bin.

Kinetic Sand

Okay, the kids got to pick out one fun learning activity/toy. Weston chose kinetic sand, they had a set where you get a little tub, 2.2 lb bag of sand, and a few tools. Kinetic sand is so cool the way you can mold it and it will stay. The kids absolutely love it. I am loving it as well. Normally when we do our nightly reading the kids are arguing about things or won’t sit still. The sand helps keep them calm and still to listen to story time. We just split the sand so they each get a pile. We are planning to buy another bag to add to what we have. I did buy a bigger container that has a lid. The sand came with a tub but not a lid which could lead to a huge mess. We can also use the sand to write out letters and numbers. I am sure there are other learning activities we can use it for and bought the 2.2lb  kit. I am planning to go back and pick up some of the colored sand.

Zoei chose a build your own dinosaur kit. This kit came with 2 dinosaurs and tools to help take the dinosaurs apart. She can take the dinosaurs apart and mismatch them. They have little plastic screws to keep them together and a little plastic drill to tighten them or remove them. It helps her with her imagination plus motor skills putting the dinosaurs back together.

Learning Mats

The last thing that we picked up was from a local fair. We picked up 3 Melissa & Doug learning mats. One mat is of the states, the continents, and the last one is telling time. These mats have 2 sides, for example, the stats are all colored and filled in on one side, the other side is blank for the kids to fill in. We also picked up wipe away crayons for these mats.

I will share links where you can pick these items up. I am an amazon affiliate and may make compensation on the purchase of some of the products.  Lakeshore links are also listed as well but am not affiliated with Lakeshore. I did buy these products with my own money.   I hope you enjoyed this post.  full disclosure 

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