Homeschool Activities for Toddlers

Homeschool Activities for Toddlers

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Homeschooling with a toddler can be rough especially if you have older kiddos that you have to teach. I have used these activities with my toddler to keep him busy while teaching my older kiddo or just to have them learn from play. It is very important that toddlers learn through play. These could be considered play school ideas for play at home which is great since they won’t feel like they are learning. I mean who doesn’t love to play?

Homeschool Activities for Toddlers

Fun Homeschool Activities

Most of these are DIY activities meaning you may have most of the supplies on hand at home. I love easy preschool activities to do at home with my little.  My little loves these activities even though he is now pretty much out of the toddler phase. Some of the activities supplies can be used for other activities. Some of these activities call for a bin of dry rice, corn, kinetic sand, or beans.These activities are great for toddlers up to kinder kids.

Color sorting

There are so many fun ways to get your toddler to color sort. I bought some craft pom-poms that are all different colors or you could also use beads. I also had a pair of little alligator tweezers from some other kit. They can use the little tweezers to pick up the pom-poms and put them in piles according to the color. I also used color blocks to show where the color piles will be. You can opt out of that if you don’t have them. They can start their own pile for each color.

If you have the color dot stickers that you normally see at a garage sale you can use those to color sort as well. All you will need is construction paper in corresponding colors and have your toddler match the stickers to the correct color construction paper.

Do you have legos? Those are also great to use for color sorting. Using colored construction paper you can have your toddler match the color of the legos with the correct color construction paper.

Learning Letters

You can print worksheets off that have letters in a bubble and have the toddler use a bingo dabber to dab the letter you are searching for. You can also use those colorful garage sale stickers and write the letters on them. Then have the toddler put the sticker that matches on the corresponding letter bubble. I made my own alphabet bubble page instead of printing one out.

All you need for this is a cookie sheet you can get one from the dollar tree. You will also need little alphabet magnets and a printable with the alphabet on it. The printable you just lay it on the cookie sheet and your toddler can find the letters that match and lay the magnet on the correct letter.

Using the same alphabet magnets you can put them in a container of dry rice, corn, or kinetic sand. Your toddler can then use sand tools to sift or dig out the letter magnets. When they dig them out they can tell you what letter they found. Or you could use one of those wooden alphabet puzzles hiding the puzzle pieces in the bin.


You can do shapes the same way as the alphabet magnet sheet. Print a worksheet with the shapes on it and you can use shape magnets for your toddler to match the shapes.

With the bin, you have used for previous activities and you have shape pieces on hand you can hide them in the rice for your toddler to find them. There are also shape buttons that you could use for this activity as well. You can tell your toddler to look for a certain shape or just let them find the shapes then they can tell you the shapes they found.

Tangram puzzles or shapes are great for teaching shape and motor skills. These tiles are really awesome and my kids love them. Some of these come with pictures for your toddler to build. I bought a kit that came with all the pieces and pictures that can be made with the shape tiles.


Take a piece of paper draw lines on it to make 4 boxes. In those boxes, you can write numbers 1-4 and then your toddler would have to count and show that number in an object. Say you have goldfish snacks on hand you can have your toddler use those as counters and place them in the boxes to show how many are suppose to be in that box.

With the same bin that the letters are hidden in you can do the same with number magnets or using a wooden number puzzle hiding the puzzle pieces for your toddler to find them.

If you have an empty egg carton or any small bin that you can use for counting. Take a dice and have your toddler roll it. Then they count what the dice landed on and they can use pom poms or beads to count the number they landed on by putting them in the empty egg carton or bin.

These are just some of the awesome homeschool activities for toddlers to learn or keep them busy while teaching older siblings. I would love to hear if you use any of these or if you give any of them a try. I love how there are so many different ways to reuse supplies for other lessons while having fun teaching your toddler. You can also check out my article on 5 fun ways to teach your preschooler the Alphabet or all the homeschool related posts.

Homeschool Activities for Toddlers

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