Hello Fresh Box Review

Hello Fresh Box Review

A friend of mine sent me a $40 dollar off code for a hello fresh box. She loves ordering them and I figured I would try one. I mean especially with a $40 off code.  She also gave me a meal that they were not able to eat before it went bad to try. We tried the meal and it was delicious so we decided to use the code and order a box. This is a Hello Fresh box review that I purchased and are my honest opinion of the box. This is not a sponsored post but I do have a link to share since I did order a box. Let’s get into this review.


Ordering the box is pretty simple and straightforward. You sign up on their website and set up a way to pay. Then they will set up your order and ALL of your future orders! They automatically set it up for every week. If you do not want it every week you have to skip weeks. I chose the option of 3 meals for 2 people. We just add extra meat when we make the meals so the kids will eat. You are also able to choose which 3 meals you would like. They have some premium options and those cost a little extra.


Compared to other meal subscription boxes out there hello fresh is about the same price maybe a little less depending on your needs. For their 3 meal plans for 2 people, it is about $60 that isn’t too bad but we all know that there are ways to make more meals for about the same price. I do not plan on spending this every week that is for sure.

Packaging / Shipping

The meals are packed in individual bags with all the ingredients for that meal. Then the meat is in the very bottom of the box with 2 ice packs to keep the meat and ingredients fresh while shipping them. I got my box exactly when they said I would. I love the way they have the meal ingredients on individual bags with the labels on them. Makes grabbing them from the fridge super easy.

My thoughts

I really enjoyed my first box and so did my husband. He is the primary person that cooks since I work he is the one that is home. These are easy for him to make they have the recipe cards with walkthrough directions. This has also introduced us to things that we would normally not make ourselves. Not meat wise but glaze and sidewise. We do plan on ordering maybe twice a month or at least once a month. It is just nice to have these meals ready and on hand shipped to our door. I think at least one box a month is worth the price.  The meals we chose were absolutely delicious. I also love that we can choose what meals we would like in our box.

The Meals

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All of the meals were delicious. The only one I was not a huge fan of was the winner winner chicken orzo dinner. Which is a bummer since its name is Winner Winner.  My favorite from this box has to be the stuffed bell peppers.  The box is totally worth a try if you need a few quick meals on hand. Here is a Coupon code to bring the price of the box down.


3 comments on “Hello Fresh Box Review

  1. My husband and I talk about these meal plans every time we hear a commercial on the radio about them. I’ve never known anyone to try it so I’m really glad to hear an honest opinion. I’m still on the fence about the whole idea but hearing your testimonial makes me a little more comfortable with the idea.

  2. We’ve used about every meal kit company out there and I love it! Having everything planned out and organized for me makes my working mom life just a little easier. Great review!

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