3 Hands on sight word actvities

3 Hands on sight word activities


Having trouble getting your child to learn letters or sight words?

Here are some ways that I have used in our homeschool to get my daughter to learn. These are fun ways that help the kids be hands on. My daughter is very hands on learner when I introduced her to these she was excited to “play” learn.  These are just a few ways that I have tried so far that work for us.  I have seen an improvement by adding these to our school days. I try to make learning fun for my kids. (This post has affiliate links added and I may receive compensation if products are purchased through the links.) So, let’s get started.

Activity number 1

Sight words in flour

Is a container of flour, sugar, or salt you can choose which to use. I choose to use flour since I had that on hand but I wouldn’t recommend flour. It makes a little mess when you use the flour white powder everywhere. We are switching to salt here soon. You just need a small container that you can add your choice of material too. I used a decent size Tupperware container I had on hand. You just pour the material into your container preferably one with a lid. Then your child can use it to write his or her sight words into the material. They can use their finger or a pencil.  Then you just shake the container to restart kind of like an etch a sketch.








Activity number 2


We also love the use of stamps in our homeschool. I mean who doesn’t love stamps? I started with a set from the dollar spot at target but the font on the stamps confused my daughter. The font on those stamps was old school typewriter font so some letters looked different than she has learned. I was on the search for a new set and found these Melissa & Doug ones. These are awesome and well made. They came with an ink pad, capital, and lowercase letters. I use these to help my daughter spell words. The pictures below show her stamping some of her sight words. She truly enjoys this one since she can make the letters all different colors.








Activity number 3


There are a few letters that Zo has a hard time recognizing so I use playdough to help with those letters.  I used index cards to write the letters that she has trouble with so she can see them. I had her take the playdough and make the letters that she was having trouble with. Then she would tell me the letter, letter sound, and a word that started with that letter. She then would use that word in a sentence. I think the playdough was by far her favorite since she could continue to play after her letters were done.

Those are the 3 fun ways I use to teach my kids letters and words. I plan to add flash cards or sticky notes throughout the house with sight words on them. That will help her remember them since she will see them all over the house and should read them when she sees them. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you use and of these or have other recommendations.

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