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Get Qurious Explorer Review

I received this fun kids interactive box. Thank you, Get Qurious for sending me a box to test out and give my honest review. This will be a review on the Explorer box from Get Qurious. It shipped really fast and the kids were excited to have a fun box in the mail. The packaging was well done it was double boxed and the actual packaging is super cute. (sponsored post)

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There is an app in the app store that you can download that will make the color pages come to life. My toddler thought that was just the coolest thing. The app is free in the apple store I don’t think it is available for android phones. It is a free app and it is really awesome. It is interactive and lets the kids bring their creations to life. There is a place in the app to build a spaceship you scan the ship card and it builds your ship. After, you build the ship you can fly it around in the app. Weston was running around the house with the iPad flying his rocketship creation.


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Build Story Cards

The build a story cards are super cute. They are different pictures on the back of the build a rocket ship. The cards have different pictures that you can put together to make a storyline. An example, there was a picture of a rocket ship that wrecked you can add a picture of a random planet. It was a fun way to get the kids thinking. It let them use their imagination. I think these will be used a lot in our homeschool for sure.

Fun Masks

These were the cutest things. My daughter loved wearing the masks but my son didn’t really care for it.  Zoei wanted to color while wearing the masks.


Rocketship building

Was a HUGE hit for Weston my 3-year-old. He thought this was the coolest thing he put all the pieces together and made one big rocket ship.  Weston played with these cards for hours which is great working on his imagination. He was able to put together a few different rocketships.

Treasure Hunt cards

Zoei loved the color mat cards; she’s 8 so at the top of the age group. She enjoyed the color designs on the color mats. She colored them and loved to see them come to life using the app.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this box and think it is a fun subscription box. I feel like the age group is right both of my children enjoyed the box. It was cutely packaged with all the components together neatly. The only flaw I think would be that the app is only for apple products. It didn’t affect me since I do have apple products. The box can definitely be used without the app though but it is nice to have the app for the interactive aspect.


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