Freedom Friday With Jenny Hale

Freedom Friday

 Freedom Friday With Jenny Hale

Freedom Friday

I am starting a series called Freedom Friday.  Freedom Friday is going to be a series where I showcase a wonderful Military veteran owned blog, business, or organization with Y’all. I will post the second Friday of every month. As a veteran myself, I wanted to help out other veterans by sharing their business and how they got there.

Jenny Hale

Meet Jenny Hale! although Jenny is not a military veteran I felt that I had to share her business with Y’all. She does amazing things to help veterans like myself and military spouses grow their own business.

Tell us a little about yourself and your business.

I am a military marketing and social media mentor for veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs.  I am a civilian that has been working in the military sector for years, so I bring knowledge from business practices in both the military world and the civilian one.  Combining this knowledge to help bridge the gap in marketing knowledge for entrepreneurs with military-focused products and services.  A serial entrepreneur, I started my first company at 19 and began consulting soon after.  I was able to graduate from college debt free, in large part due to my businesses.  Now, I teach others how to build their businesses online organically.

After gaining recognition in the military community for eating social media algorithms for breakfast, I became known in the office as The Military Social Media Guru.  The name stuck and it became my nickname for my consulting business.  I now offer consulting and coaching services one-on-one to military community entrepreneurs who want to learn marketing and social media strategies they can implement themselves.  For larger companies and organizations, I offer management services to re-build their failed or non-existent organic online marketing and social media strategies and bring a fresh, new feel to them.

What led you to this journey?

Working with the military community is what my life is dedicated to – both in the office and with my own business.  It was my dream to serve, but due to childhood medical issues, I wasn’t qualified.  Instead of giving up on my dream, I devoted my career to serving military families and the community I love.  My business is an extension of that passion.  My life goal is to help make military families financially stable, using the experience I have marketing to the military community and as an entrepreneur. I want to help veterans find their dream career in a business they love and built from scratch.  In addition, I want military spouses to find career security no matter where they accompany their service member to on a PCS.  I believe entrepreneurship can help those struggling to find meaningful careers through the creation of their own dreams.  If I can be a beneficial part of making that happen, then my mission in life is complete.

What is one thing you have learned from the service that you use in your business/ organization/blog?

From working with the military community, I have learned a lot.  First, the military community is tight-knit and they love to support each other.  This is key in a military spouse or veteran’s business marketing strategy.  Second, the military community is unique in how they want to digest information.  Death by PowerPoint is common in the military, but how should you be marketing now? I help answer a lot of these questions with my clients and get them out of the “overwhelm” of marketing and on a path of clarity.


You can learn more about Jenny Hale, The Military Social Media Guru, at, as well as on Facebook (, Facebook Groups (, Twitter (, Pinterest (, and LinkedIn (  Military spouse and veteran entrepreneurs can download their free guide to LinkedIn success at




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