Freedom Friday- Til Valhalla Project

Freedom Friday with Til Valhlhalla Project

Til Valhalla Project

 Freedom Friday

This Freedom Friday – Til Valhalla Project

I am very excited about this Veteran-owned business! I met Korey the owner in a veteran entrepreneur group. Since I absolutely loved what his business is all about and purchased a shirt from him. Then just recently I upgraded to a membership so I can continue to support his cause! This business hits close to home for me since I had a veteran friend pass away about 3 years ago. A plaque for his wife and kids would be amazing.  I love what he does and all the people that are apart of his project. You can also check them out on facebook  Korey’s Til Valhalla Project was on their local news and I have inserted that clip.

Til Valhalla Project on Action news

Til Valhalla Project is finally getting some more recognition!!

Posted by Til Valhalla Project on Wednesday, January 31, 2018


What branch did you serve in?

I served in the Marine corps, I was stationed in 29 palms California as an automatic rifleman with 2nd battalion 7th Marines.


Tell a little about yourself.

I’m a 25-year-old veteran entrepreneur who is medically retired from the Marines. I’m living in Jacksonville Florida happily married and working every day on my companies.


What is your business/organization/blog name and what your business/organization/blog is about?

The name my company is Til Valhalla Project. We are an apparel company the uses the proceeds from all sales to make handcrafted memorial plaques for the families of our fallen heroes all over the nation at it cost to the family. We pick random fallen heroes out of news articles, obituaries, and any other way we can. Then we make a plaque along with memorial wristbands and find people all around the nation to hand deliver them. This shows the family that their fallen hero will always live on forever.


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What led you to this journey?

The journey started after I lost great brother of mine Cpl Dunston to suicide. I had started a vinyl cutting and laser engraving company before we lost him so had the machinery to make something to honor him by. I was struggling with the loss one night and I told my wife I wanted a plaque for myself. So, after we made the plaque I began to tear up and said that I had to give it to his mother. After giving it to his mother for free. Everyone was wanting one and referring fallen heroes to get free plaques made. We needed to find a way to fund the work so we founded an apparel company called Til Valhalla Project to push the mission of helping our fallen live on forever.


What is one thing you have learned from the service that you use in your business/ organization/blog?

Discipline, confidence, and resilience. You need Discipline if you’re going to work 18 hour days with no reward. You need to have confidence if you are going to reach far outside your comfort zone. Then you need resiliency because YOU WILL FAIL at some things. Probably more than you want, the best ideas you want to implement not work and feel like you hit a wall but there is a way to get over it. When you hit wall in your company you need to find a way or create a way, but do not create an excuse


Please check out Til Valhalla Project and if you can purchase a shirt. (not sponsored or affiliated) The purchase of a shirt is what funds his awesome plaques for the fallen. I have purchased a shirt and a membership on my own because I 100% back his company and what it stands for! Also if you missed previous Freedom Friday articles you can check them out.

Til Valhalla Project

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