Freedom Friday- Right and Up

Freedom Friday

Freedom Friday – Right and Up


Riley is the founder of Right and Up an awesome website that shares information about duty stations. She gives you the skinny on where to eat, places to explore, and so much more. She is also still active duty and running this!! I am excited to feature Right and Up on the Freedom Friday  I know it is almost PCS season. If you are looking for fun things to do at certain duty stations check her site.

The interview


1. What branch did you serve in?



2. Tell a little about yourself.

I am an active duty US Army Captain currently stationed at Fort Benning. I’m originally from N. California, but haven’t been back since I married my husband, Sean, in 2010. Neither of us know exactly where we’d call home (he’s an Army brat), so we’ve become very good at growing where we’re planted. I love the military as it’s given me the opportunity to see the world and meet people from all walks of life.


3. What is your business/organization/blog name and what your business/organization/blog is about?

I run a blog called Right and Up, where I help the military community discover the best things about their military towns. The phrase “right and up” is what we sometimes use in the military when we teach Soldiers how to plot a grid during basic map reading. It often takes months, if not years to orient yourself to a new duty station and Right and Up is a “by us, for us” resource to help you waste no time and hit the ground running. The blog is also about dispelling negative rumors about military towns. There’s always a silver lining and you just have to know where to look for it. Where are the best places to get a burger? What are the best communities to live in? Where are the best places to hike? These questions and more are what I try to answer in my blog. Sometimes it’s nice to hear it from a source you can relate to.


4. What led you to this journey?

I heard a lot of horrible things about my first duty station, Fort Bliss and the surrounding city of El Paso. I was honestly dreading my assignment there. But after being on ground for a short time I thought…am I in the right place? I love it here! But I was told there was nothing to do and that the place was a dump. Wrong! After spending a few more years in the service and PCSing a few more times, I realized that the negativity surrounding many duty stations is pervasive and inaccurate. Furthermore, I found that those spreading the negativity are the same ones who live on post and never leave their comfort zones. They refuse to even try. So, I decided to do something about it. I also desperately needed a hobby because I found I was spending an embarrassingly large amount of time making puzzles on the weekends.


5. What is one thing you have learned from the service that you use in your business/ organization/blog?

We often find ourselves in extreme situations in the military and the constant change can either make or break you. That being said, I’ve learned that you can’t take yourself too seriously, so I try to incorporate humor into my blog.


You can also follow her social media as well to stay on top of her content. 

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