Freedom Friday – Plane and Proud

Freedom Friday Plane and Proud

Freedom Friday Plane and Proud

Freedom Friday

It’s that time again for another Freedom Friday post! I really enjoy posting these for y’all! This month is about Mitch over at Plane and Proud! He is currently serving in the Navy and makes some beautiful wood pieces! Like the mallet pictured below and amazing wood accents on pens. You can check out his stuff to purchase and share with your friends.  You can follow them on facebook along with Instagram.  Lets get into Freedom Friday -Plane and Proud.


1.What branch did you serve in?

A: Currently Active Duty Navy


  1. Tell a little about yourself.

A: Originally from Wilmington, NC. I joined the Navy in 2008 and have been living in San Diego since early 2009. My day job; I’m an Instructor for the Navy, I teach a gun weapon system. I always hated public speaking, but grew into it and discovered I actually love teaching.


  1. What is your business/organization/blog name and what your business/organization/blog is about?

A: No blog, I just document my projects and business progress via Instagram @Planeandproud

Plane and Proud

  1. What led you to this journey?

A: I grew up around builders. My grandfather built boats, my dad built houses. I built paintball forts, and skateboard ramps as a kid. Becoming a home owner led me to a lot of DIY projects, which rekindled my love for woodworking. My hobby eventually grew into a business.


  1. What is one thing you have learned from the service that you use in your business/ organization/blog?

A: Complacency (as in don’t get complacent). This is a term I’ve heard (and taught) since day 1 in the service and for good reason. It’s surprising how often one of my projects pushes the envelope of what I’m 100% comfortable with. Practice something until you’re proficient at it, and then apply it to the next thing.


You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. “Wayne Gretzky” –Michael Scott


If you missed previous Freedom Friday articles you can find them here. Please let me know if you are enjoying these I would love to hear feedback on my Freedom Friday series.

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