Fitness Resolution with Planet Fitness

Fitness Resolution

(This post is sponsored by Planet Fitness) The new year is about to roll in and we will start making our new years resolutions. One of my resolutions is to get back into fitness. I have always been a very active person as a mom I am active but not as physically as I would like. Not to mention that I was injured last year in June and I am still recovering from that.  I am very excited to get back into the groove of things with starting fresh.

Fitness is always on my new year resolution list. For myself, I want to get stronger and build my confidence. When I was injured I was left unable to walk for 3 months! Yes, 3 months! I was pretty much bedridden and my awesome husband had to care for me. I lost some muscle mass in my legs and was unable to work out for at least 7 more months. To this day I still can’t do certain things but I am working hard on building back up. It will take me a while and the pain will always be there.


My motivation to get back on track would be my kids and for myself.  My kids are very active and are always wanting to play. When I was injured it really sucked I couldn’t do anything with them. Now that I am healed for the most part I don’t skip out when they ask me to play. I may run funny from my injury but I am up and moving with my kids. I want to build my confidence again having kids take a toll on your body and wasn’t happy for a long time with the way I looked. A work in progress but I am slowly starting to love my self and fitness helps with that. Feeling amazing after a great workout knowing that I just kicked butt and I feel like I can take on the world!


I had the chance to check out my local Planet Fitness and begin my journey again. I love how Planet Fitness is a Judgement Free Zone®! We all know that we are self-conscious especially going to a gym for the first time in a while!  We have all been there but the staff at Planet Fitness is very attentive and willing to help. Going to Planet Fitness to do a kick-butt workout will help me build confidence and help me regain my strength. With a membership at Planet Fitness, I am able to go 24/7 at most locations especially the Tulsa locations.  An awesome deal is going on now too in all Tulsa clubs through Dec 14th, you can get an all year membership(2018) for just $99 when paying in full – that is a great deal!


Judgement Free Zone

Not only is Planet Fitness a Judgement Free Zone but they have state of the art equipment. The Tulsa Planet Fitness has a promotion going on RIGHT NOW! New members can sign up for a Planet Fitness Black Card at any of the six locations.  This is from now to Dec 31st with $0 enrollment and all you have to do is use my coupon code LYNDSEYPF.  With the Black Card, you get some pretty awesome perks. Some of the perks of having a Black Card are you can visit any Planet Fitness location; this is great for those who travel. There are more than 1400 clubs nationwide.  You will also have access to HydroMassage chair as a mom this is absolutely wonderful!! I mean what mom wouldn’t want a massage?  The Tulsa location just went through a nice facelift and upgraded some things!! They also offer free fitness training with ALL memberships! We could all use a little help getting back into the groove of things!


More Perks

I am very happy with Planet Fitness and all they have to offer me. I love that most locations are 24/7 as a mom it’s hard to get to a normal gym during normal hours. The atmosphere is awesome knowing that myself and others are here to better our lives and make a change just gives me a sense of accomplishment. Planet Fitness also allows members to connect with each other for support with Planet of Triumphs. A place where you can celebrate accomplishments or share inspirational stories!

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