How I encourage my child to Read.

How I Encourage My Child to Read

How I encourage my Child to readAs a homeschooling parent teaching your child to read is a huge deal. My daughter was/is a little behind in reading. Of course, it was partially my fault but she also has dyslexia which has made it hard to figure out our best approach. Which, is not her fault at all but we have had to learn how to work with it. Figuring out what was going on gave us a starting point and helped us move forward to try getting her on track. This year alone she has improved tremendously. These are some of the ways that I have encouraged my daughter how to read. These are just a few ways I encourage my child to read.

All about Reading

We had to try and find a curriculum that would work for her. It had to be hands-on and fun for her. I didn’t want her to dread reading or learning. We chose to start over from the beginning and picked up All about reading. This is a very hands-on curriculum that allowed her to learn her letters while coloring or adding fun craft pieces to the letters. We were able to finish this book halfway through the year.

all about reading all about reading all about reading

Sight word Workbook

I found an awesome sight word workbook and decided to try it out. I love this workbook it is very easy to use and doesn’t make it boring to learn the weekly sight words.  She went from knowing no sight words to knowing about 12  and still learning more. That is a big deal for us since she has struggled so hard in the reading department. The layout of this workbook is an activity for every day of the week. So, Monday it introduces the week’s sight words, the child would read them, and color them. Tuesday the child will have to trace and write the word. It continues for the rest of the week and the activities change up every week.

sight word work book           sight word workbooksight word workbook

Early Reader Books

We bought her a few early reader books. This has been a huge help for her learning to read. I started out reading the early read books to her. Then she would have to read it back to me. That worked on her comprehension. We slowly moved away from me reading them to her and letting her try and sound them out. We helped her with words as needed but she caught on pretty quick.


books books

Reading Chart

This one is her absolute favorite which is a reading chart. I decided to make her a reading chart. I had pretty paper and an itch to get crafting. So, I threw together a reading chart for her; we hung the chart on a wall in the classroom. Every time she reads a book to us she gets a sticker on her chart. When she gets so many stickers she gets a prize from either the class treasure bucket or something small that she has wanted. This had made reading fun for her. We just received more little early reader books for her and she was excited!! That’s right EXCITED about BOOKS!!!reading chart

Reading Log

These last two things are kind of self-explanatory. Repetition was big for us after we learned the sight words I would write them on flashcards. With the flashcards, we would go over them every day to keep them fresh. I try to lead by example and love reading especially when I have extra time on my hands. I am not sure if it helps but in my mind, I feel as though it does. They learn by seeing and if they see mommy reading then maybe reading isn’t so bad. Which is why I try to read in front of my children. I also try to keep a read aloud log so that I can track how many books we have read and what books we have read.

reading log.

Here is a FREE reading chart printable as well.

How do you help your children read?

How I Encourage My Child to Read

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  1. Some great ideas here! My daughter is 19 months so definitely will consider some of these. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing these products and suggestions with us. My daughter is only four but I’m wondering if I can do a bit more work with her to get her started.

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