Duck hunt


Ducks On The Ground

It’s getting cooler here in the great state of Oklahoma. Plus, it is hunting season. I hope I get to go this season I was only able to go twice last season. Which sucks because I love going. That is was happens when you have a toddler. I cannot wait until he is old enough to go and sit quietly in the blind with us. Zoei loves going hunting with the husband Weston just isn’t ready yet. He is only 3 and way too rambunctious. I need duck recipes so if you know any please comment with your favorites.

Josh went hunting yesterday and went again this morning. I ask him to get pictures for me since I can’t go with him.  I love sharing these with y’all. Yesterday he went with 3 of his buddies and shot a 4-man limit. That was the best day so far this season. I am glad he has buddies that he can go hunting with.  He went to a new spot with his buddies it was a friend’s property. He used his layout blind but was exhausted from this hunting trip he was in so much pain. We got a good bit of meat from those beauties.

I made a random marinade for one. I am stilling trying to learn yummy recipes for duck. Josh was out there with 3 other guys and Jack the duck retriever. Jack is such a great duck dog he is so patient and well behaved. Our buddy Easton has trained him very well. They shot Hooded merganser, Ring neck, Mallard, Widgeon, Gadwall, and spoon bills not sure how many of each.















Josh and his brother built an awesome sit in a blind. It turned out amazing the top part you can fling open.  Josh made himself a finisher is what he called it. Which is a lot cheaper than what others sell for. His is bigger than the commercial ones that are out there. It was super easy to make. Josh said it worked like a charm it got the job done.   We also turned Josh’s kayak into a blind. We had to spray paint his kayak. It was a blue marble not too natural looking.  Then he built a little brace for the camo netting and added some grass skirting to the sides and top of the burlap to make it look like the scenery. It looks pretty darn awesome when we finished it.


Josh went took the kayak out on the 5th with his brother. It was beautiful on the pond lake they went out to. The kayak blended in better than we thought it would. It looked great, though. Here are pictures from that hunt. I love that he takes pictures for me since I have to miss out on the fun.


Today Josh went out again to another property that he has access to. He didn’t have luck out there. It’s okay though at least he got a good amount yesterday. Now we just need to try and add a deer to our freezer. I will be able to go hunting eventually during this season at least I hope. If not next year Weston should be ready so we can start taking him.

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