Dollar Spot Homeschool Haul

Dollar Spot Haul

Dollar Spot Homeschool Haul

As a homeschool parent, I LOVE supplies shopping. Like way more than I should. I think of myself as a homeschool supplies hoarder! Crazy right. I am not joking I really need to go through all of my supplies and downsize a bit. I can find ways to use so many things in our homeschool. This time of year Target Dollar Spot has some great stuff for homeschooling and teachers.

They have cute decorations to decorate your classroom. Since we moved we do not have an actual classroom now just a homeschool space. We recently went to Target to browse NEVER a good idea! I did find a few things to add to our homeschool corner. They have great hands-on manipulatives, flashcards, workbooks, and so much more.  I love that the dollar spot is from $1-$5 so it doesn’t break the bank. When they have cute pencils there I try to stock up on them I mean you can never have enough pencils. I feel like we always break them or misplace them.

I will hit up the Dollar Spot a few times a year. Right before school starts and a few times during the school year. During the holidays they put out holiday-themed tiny erasers and I LOVE picking them up to use for counters or sorting with the Preschooler.

I filmed my Dollar Spot haul for y’all to see what I picked up. I will also have a live video up on facebook to share another haul. If you aren’t following on facebook then check it out. Also, there are more homeschool articles.

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