Creating a Simple Secular Morning Basket

Creating a Simple Secular Morning Basket

I recently added a morning basket to our homeschool routine. It was on a total whim that I decided to give this a try. Most morning baskets are religiously based I just made ours secular. Nothing wrong with being religion-based that just isn’t our cup of tea.  Putting a basket together is super simple and easy to do. I will show you how to create a simple secular morning basket to add to your routine. It also doesn’t have to be a morning basket you can do this activity whenever it fits your schedule. The steps I have added are what I used to put our basket together. If you would like to add religion to your basket go for it these are just guidelines. A morning basket is pretty much a basket that is full of books that you read aloud to your children it is a great way to start your day or wind down for the night. Let’s get into creating a simple secular morning basket for you.

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Creating a Simple Secular Morning Basket

How does it work?

For us, I do not go over every topic that is in our basket. The ONLY thing we use every day is the chapter read aloud. I let my kids pick out 2 books each of what they would like to learn about that day. They can also choose one fun activity to do as well this helps get them ready to start their actual school work for the day. You do not have to add all these subjects to your basket that is the beauty of this activity. The first 3 are what I KEEP in my basket and rotate the other subjects into the basket. This keeps us from getting bored with the basket and actually allowing us to enjoy it.


I like to add art to our basket to help build the kids creative side. There are so many ways that you can add art to your morning basket. I have an old art book that I got for a steal from a local library sale. It walks through simple little lessons to make fun art. You can add books with pictures of paintings from famous painters to discuss or try to recreate them. You can just use art supplies and pick an object for the kids to create.

Read A Loud

You can add chapter read-aloud books for your morning basket. I have one chapter book in there for the month. I let my kiddo choose what chapter book they would like me to read for that month. If we finish before the month then I will start a new one. I am always slowly adding to our chapter book collection. I also put a few bob books into the basket so my kids can read one on their own. We are currently reading Inside Out for our chapter book. When we are finished with Inside Out we will be jumping into Stuart Little.

Values/ Character traits / Poetry

Books about character traits and values are important to me. I found a book called The Children’s Book of Virtue’s I added it to our basket. It is nice to teach my kids that there are different properties that can make up our character. I want them to learn about all these different traits and values. With this book I only read one story at a time then we discuss what the story was about. I am adding poetry to this subject because I feel they mesh well together. I LOVE reading the kids poems and nursery rhymes.


Simple science-related books are perfect for this. I have 3 science-related books in my basket at the moment. One is a children’s encyclopedia that I let the kids choose what they want me to read about from that book. We have an Eyewitness Book about sharks that I will read one full spread a day or if they choose that book. I also added a human body book that has peek inside flaps! Those are my 5-year-olds favorite. He really enjoys helping me open the flaps to read more information.

Science books


I have 3 history books that are currently in our basket. One is The American Revolution for Kids it goes over American revolution topics and has interactive activities throughout the book. We have a small book about castles and a Greek mythology book for kids. You can add a map or state book to your basket for this subject.

History books

Fun Activities

While I read to my kids they have coloring books in the basket so they can color while I read to them. I feel this helps them focus on the story by busying their hands but keeping their mind open. They really enjoy coloring while I read to them. They can choose to play with kinetic sand while I read if they want to but that is not kept in the basket. I have flashcards for varies subjects that I keep in our basket. We have tangram puzzles in the basket that the kids can put together while I read or as just a fun activity.

Fun activities

Remember these baskets are totally customizable it isn’t a one shoe fits all. You can make your basket have whatever you would like your kids to learn about in the basket. That is why I love the morning basket because I can always rotate things in and out of it to keep us learning without getting bored. These are just things that I have used to create our morning basket and some of what we have in our basket. Other homeschool articles can be found here.

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