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Cowboy Museum

Last Friday we went to the National Cowboy museum to check out a new exhibit opening which was the Power and Prestige exhibit. We made a field trip out of it; we were pretty excited about our trip I was a little nervous bringing a 3-year-old to the museum. This is a museum we have wanted to visit and didn’t know what all they had to offer. There were exhibits that we were not allowed to take pictures in so I couldn’t show everything.

When we go there we had our tickets reserved for us that was a very smooth process. They have about 5 to 10 volunteers that are willing to help you through the museum. We started our journey through the museum. Weston started off a little grumpy so we were unsure how long we will be able to stay.



The first exhibit we walked through I was unable to take pictures in. It was a really neat area with photographs of western actors that were on sets of movies. There were pictures of John Wayne of course. I can’t remember any of the other actors that were on display. There was a box that displayed a photographers bag and some old school lens. I wish I could have taken a picture of it to share it was really neat.

From that exhibit, it went into the bandana display. There were so many beautiful bandanas and pictures of westerners wearing these bandanas. It explained the history of the bandana and how it came about. The kids weren’t too interested in this part.

Prestige and Power Exhibit

The prestige and power exhibit is where we were wanting to go. That is where we went after the bandanas. This was an amazing exhibit and very kid friendly. I was able to photograph in this exhibit. They had a little station for the kids to stamp with native symbols on paper. The kids loved this since they had hands-on activities. There was a table with color pencils and popsicle sticks with scenarios that you could draw. Zoei got the stick that said draw about a fun winter activity she drew about skiing.  In November we did a Native American study since it was national Native American month so this was a great extension of that lesson. I taught her about native dance and this exhibit had a video station that showed native dance and a video about the drums used.

The prestige and power exhibit was absolutely beautiful. The kids found bean bag chairs with musical instruments that they could play with. There was a white board with magnetic pieces that the children could build their own headdress. A bookshelf in the kid’s area had Native American books that you could read to your kids. The kids really enjoyed that area and Zoei was excited to see what she had learned in person.

There were so many beautiful head dresses to look at. I was unable to photograph these beauties. They had a whole display of clothing the kids were surprised by the clothes and all the bead work. They got to see all the different horse saddles with accessories. After this portion, it went straight into paintings which were beautiful but the kids were not having it.

Tiny Town

We found a little area that is kind of hidden to you take a step in the past. The buildings were from the old days and the kids loved it. I mean they had an old bank setup, old farm shop, a saloon, and much older buildings. The kids loved seeing the old school classroom with the old books that were used to teach. I didn’t take pictures in this area I was unsure if I could or not so wanted to be on the safe side.

Kids Area

The museum had a little separate kid building. Yes, it was a great little area I got a few pictures from there. The kids were excited to play in this area. They were able to play dress up with chaps and vests. There were little wood “horses” that had saddles on them for the kids to pretend to ride on. The kids went to a cute cabin and were able to make some “soup” on the campfire while ringing the dinner bell.


Selfie Spot

These are extra pictures from selfie approved spots throughout the museum. They had little circles on the ground that said selfie spot. The first one is from the soldier area with a cavalryman on his horse. Zoei loves saluting when she sees soldiers and flags.  Ignore Zoei’s face in the second picture brother was bothering her.

I am so glad that we went since I was unsure how the kids would do. I was pleasantly surprised with all the museum had to offer. We didn’t get through all of the museum before the kids were ready to go eat lunch but we were there for a good 2 ½ hours.  I asked Zoei as we were leaving if she had fun and liked it she said “I more than like it I loved it!” I would say that our experience and trip to the National Cowboy museum was a success. If you are visiting Oklahoma City area you should check it out. I hope you enjoyed this post.

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