Coding Science Fair Project

Coding Science Fair Project

I signed up my kiddos for a homeshool science fair this year. It was so much fun getting to pick what they wanted to experiment with for their projects. My 3rd grader decided she wanted to do a coding science fair project to share.  I couldn’t really find anything when I looked up coding projects for science fairs. I am not a great coder what so ever I ended up requesting books from our local library to go over what to do. We also had an Ozobot that we were able to use. It pretty much walks you through the process. It made it simple for my 3rd grader to put together and learn how to code simple tasks. She even had to make a science fair board mom may have been a little excited about this as well. Zo had to present her board and project to the judges by herself! I was a ball of nerves since that was her first presentation by herself in from of people she doesn’t know! She did great though and got 2nd place!!

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Coding Science fair Project


Zo sat down with dad and started playing with her Ozobot. We picked it a while ago and was waiting to use it. So the science fair was the perfect reason to crack it open. Not only did she thoroughly enjoy it but so did dad. They had so much fun putting the simple tasks together to make the little robot to move. This kit came with markers, sheets of paper, sample task paths, and color stickers. Each color means a certain movement and also the robot lights up the color that it rolls over. Zo drew different paths for the little robot to move around.

The Board

We used a simple foam tri-fold board for her board. I used the Cricut machine to add the title to her board. She cut up construction paper to decorate the board where her information was displayed. She picked out unicorn duct tape for her border. I couldn’t find classroom border material so duct tape it was. We went over her information and printed out all her materials for her to place them on the board.

The Presentation

We put up her tri-fold board on the table so that it can be viewed by the judges and other onlookers. Zo laid out the different paths she made for her little robot Groot to roll around so the judges can see what it can do. Zo explained to the judges how her little Groot works and how she used the scientific method to get her results. I realized while she was explaining that she was nervous she was fidgeting with her shirt. I was so proud of her though for doing so well with her presentation. She did so well she received a 2nd place ribbon!

This may not have been a very hard coding project but it worked and was perfect for her. She really enjoyed it and that is all that matters. I am so proud of her and the hard work she put into this project. It was a first for us to do and I was super excited to enter them into the homeschool science fair. It was a wonderful experience for both kiddos. I will be writing a post about Weston’s Pre-k science experiment as well.

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