Camping Season Trial run


Camping Trial

First camping trip of the season was this weekend. We decided to take our tent out to make sure it is in good condition. We also went out with my in-laws they wanted to make sure their camper was in order before camping season. I love spring and summer time we love to go camping. This was a very short camping trip since it was just to check out things but we still had fun. It was a very relaxing trip as well although I did get a horrible headache. (This post will contain affiliate links which mean I may make a small profit if a purchase is made.)


We went out to the campsite on Friday night. We got our tent set up and ready to go for the night. The kids were having so much fun playing in the pile of leaves. The site that we stayed at wasn’t ideal for a tent but we made it work. The tent had to go in between two trees facing outward. I absolutely love our tent it is a big tent that can fit about two queen mattresses if we need to. We only use one queen mattress the kids use their sleeping bags and a nice pallet on the floor. The kids were very excited to sleep in their sleeping bags especially Weston since we had to buy him one.

Hammock fun

We decided not to bring the kayaks out this weekend since it was a short trip plus the tent wasn’t right near the water. I wish we would have brought them anyways because it was absolutely beautiful over the weekend. It was just a very relaxing weekend we only cooked hot dogs and sausage since we just wanted to spend more time having fun. The kids didn’t mind the menu of course. Friday night we just lounged around the campsite. I got to use my new hammock and I fell in love. That was my spot for the weekend unless I was playing with the kids. I saw the galaxy print and I had to have it.  I love that it fits me and both kids I can get camp cuddles. It got a little chilly Friday night I am glad we brought thick blankets.








Fun camping

Saturday morning, we made fast breakfast which was toaster strudels and pop tarts. Breakfast of champs right? Like I said we wanted this trip to be super easy. The husband went out on the boat to check juglines and go fishing. I stayed and played with the kids. We pulled out the pails for them to collect acorns. Weston found a huge rock to crack the acorns so he was in heaven. Zoei found a little girl her age to play with so they played for a little while. They drew a hopscotch board with the chalk I brought. The guys were on the boat for about 3 hours and then came to pick us up to cruise the lake. It was beautiful out on the lake I took my book so I can read a little bit while we boated around. The kids loved the boat ride, especially on grandpa’s new boat.


We decided to go home Saturday night since I had a horrible migraine and the kids weren’t feeling good. They had so much fun they were really pooped and just over did themselves. Well, the trip was a success though our tent looks great needs a little bath, though. We had all the pieces to the tent which is a huge plus we always lose something. I am so excited for the upcoming season! This is my FAVORITE time of year. I found a park that I would love to plan a trip to this summer. What is your favorite part of camping? Mine would have to be the family time and watching my kids bond with each other.


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  1. Oh, I loved this post! I’m working on a camping piece right now myself. 🙂 I’m so glad you guys had a great trip, other than your migraine, that stinks. We love going camping, can’t wait to go this year!

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