Camp Dakani Outdoor School

Camp Dakani Outdoor school

Camp Dankani Outdoor School

We went on an awesome field trip to Camp Dankai in the OKC area. Our amazing local homeschool group set up this extremely fun field trip. It was open to all ages and had activities based on the age groups. My kids had an absolute blast, oh and my husband and I did too. Before we went we got to pick or vote on which activities we wanted to participate in. We got to participate in 4 different activities 2 before lunch and 2 after.

Rock Wall

Our first event was the rock climbing wall it. It was so much fun watching my kiddos work hard to climb the rock wall. Weston tried his best and got close to 1/3 of the way up the wall! I was very proud of him he was very determined. Zoei got 3 tries at the wall on her third go she made it all the way to the top and rang the bell. She was so proud of herself and determined. I was so proud that she didn’t give up and conquered her goal that she set for herself.

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Quick Sand

We also go a hands-on experiment that we participated in. Our activity was to make some quicksand. Which is super simple just water and some corn starch. The kids loved it except Weston he didn’t want the quicksand to touch him. He was content holding the bowl and letting others play. That was until the instructor brought out the little animals to test the quicksand. It was a neat little experiment the animals would sink and it was hard to pull them out. The kids also got an impromptu corrosion lesson.


It was a sack lunch day the kids got to sit with their new friends! Yes, they made some new friends at this event! Talk about socialization and homeschooling.

Zip Line

Goodness this zip line is new there they use to have a lower one but this new one was pretty high. There were some super little kids going on it I was shocked. Zoei and Weston wanted to go down it which I was proud that they wanted to go. I was nervous that Weston wouldn’t want to go since it was pretty darn high. Zoei went up all by herself I knew she would she is a trooper. I walked with Weston to the top and stood with him while the instructor got him ready. He was so brave a little nervous but didn’t give up. He sat on the edge and scooted off and went down the zip line!! I was so proud because I wasn’t sure he was going just because of how high it was.

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Spider Team exercise

This was a two-part exercise for team building. It was so fun to watch the kids work together as a team. The first part they had to use only their finger to put a pole on the ground. They were pretty darn good at that. Then they went to a set of trees with a bungee spider web built. The exercise was to help team building skills. Only one person could go through each of the holes in the web but the center can be used multiple times. Meaning they had to figure out a strategy to get all of them through the web to the other side.

If you are in the OKC area that place is a place to check out. We are planning to put Zoei in a week summer day camp there! She is pretty excited about that.

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