Best State to Homeschool

Best State to Homeshool

Best State to Homeschool

Best State to Homeschool in is Oklahoma of course. I may be biased though since we live in Oklahoma. It really is the best state to homeschool in though. I joined this collab with Hana from Pepper & Pine. It was a very fun collab to do and my first actual collab! Hana is trying to get a nice playlist of videos of how it is to homeschool in all 50 states.


There are so many reasons that Oklahoma is the best state to homeschool in. I go over them a little more in-depth in the video. =) Oklahoma is the ONLY state that has homeschooling in their constitution.

It is our Right as Oklahomans to homeschool it is written in our Constitution.

We have so many awesome homeschool resources.

We don’t have to report to anyone about our homeschooling.

More of our local attractions are starting to cater to homeschool families. (examples in the video)

You can also check out the playlist where other homeschool moms talk about homeschooling in other states. I hope you enjoy this article and if you homeschool let me know what state. =)


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