Best Spelling Curriculum for Dyslexia

Bes Spelling Curriculum for dyslexia

Best Spelling Curriculum for Dyslexia

Do you have a child that is struggling with dyslexia and spelling? We recently received a diagnosis for my oldest daughter and have researched so much on different curriculums that are dyslexic friendly. This particular curriculum was recommended by a friend but it is also highly recommended on Homeschooling with dyslexia blog. Best spelling curriculum for dyslexia.

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Best Spelling Curriculum for Dyslexia

Sequential Spelling

It is a wonderful spelling curriculum to help kids with dyslexia learn to spell. This curriculum isn’t like a normal curriculum where you memorize words and recall them. This curriculum focuses on sounding the words out to learn to spell. Sequential spelling uses the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching spelling.

Teachers Guide

In the teacher’s guide, there are lists of words that you will slowly work through. The way this curriculum works is the teacher (you if you homeschool) calls out the words one at a time. The student writes the word at the best of their abilities. The teacher (you) then writes the same word on the board and the child will correct any mistakes they made spelling the word.

Student workbook

Sequential spelling student workbook is simple it is filled with lined paper for the student to write the words every day They are numbered by day and each day there is a fun activity that goes with the words for that day like crossword puzzles and unscramble the words.


We have had an amazing experience with this curriculum. Other spelling curriculums brought tears and fights with it. This one has helped my daughter build confidence in her spelling and with  her writing. It has been amazing watching that confidence grow.  This curriculum is budget friendly.

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