Bee’s Knees Lesson

Bee's Knees

Bees Knees

I picked up this really awesome bee lesson from another mom outdoor enthusiast. She creates outdoor activities such as games, lessons, and works on getting families outdoors. When she was asking for moms to test out her bee lesson I jumped on it. Since we homeschool I am always trying to get fun lessons to add into our learning. This was a perfect fit for us. I printed my little lesson booklet and bound it so I could bring it outside. It looks really great bound just saying. I went to the library the next day and found some bee books to pair with the lesson. Not that this lesson is lacking I just thought it would be neat to get some books as well to compare and the two. This lesson is geared toward preschoolers to 1st graders. I have a preschooler and a 2nd grader they have both really enjoyed this lesson. I broke the lesson down to drag it out a little more but you can do this lesson in a day if you wanted too. The lesson is seriously the bee’s knees for younger children to learn about bees.

The lesson

The bee lesson is very cute and interactive for the kids to follow along. I picked up books to go with it to make it a longer lesson. This is not necessary since the lesson is informative as is and have 2 fun hands-on activities. The lesson goes over how the bees work, how they communicate, and more you just have to check it out. The lesson is beautifully put together with wonderful pictures to go along with the lesson. With the lesson, you may need to pick up a few things to complete the lesson. That isn’t too big of a deal you can pick up most of the stuff from your local dollar tree. I also had a majority of the supplies on hand. I can’t give away too much so check it out and leave feedback.

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Tyee Outdoors

Their background is in science they both have science degrees and love the outdoors. I mean how can you not. They are very active in their community with offering activities to get local children and their families outdoors.You can follow them on their Facebook page as well they have a very friendly community.

I can not wait to enjoy more of their STEM lessons and find other fun ways to get my already outdoor family outside! I hope you take the time to check them out and give them some love!!

11 comments on “Bee’s Knees Lesson

  1. Thanks so much for featuring us Lyndsey! And I’m glad you extended the lesson with some books. STEM goes so well with history and english you can just do them all together! And I love that you had the kids color the flowers. I just printed ours on colored paper but I bet they really enjoyed coloring it themselves.

    1. You are welcome! Thank you for putting together such an awesome lesson! I agree you they do pair really well. Let’s be honest I was lazy and already printed them on plain paper so I just had them color them. They did have a blast coloring and interacting with the lesson.

  2. Ahhhh I love this! I homeschooled this year for the first time. (Coming as a teacher in the public schools) And I am always looking for exciting hands-on learning opportunities that sound like more fun than learning. Thanks for sharing!

    1. That is awesome! hands-on fun learning is out number one priority in our homeschool. The lesson was so much fun my kids loved it. You are welcome. I glad you liked it.

  3. What fun activities! I love being able to teach my kids in a hands-on way and teach by themes, it really helps them remember what we’re learning better.

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