Beaver’s Bend Camping Trip

Beaver’s Bend Camping Trip

We went on our longest camping trip so far! A 6-day camping trip that is about 3 and a half hours from where we live. This trip was full of fun and family time with awesome friends.The kids had so much fun playing in the dirt and enjoying the wildlife. These six days felt amazing it was nice to unplug from the world for a little bit. ( I did try to stay in touch through my Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. I didn’t let it take over the trip HUGE PLUS!)

Day 1: June 18th, 2017

We all linked up for breakfast before heading out on our semi-long drive.  This trip was full of surprises and funny stories.  We decided to just grab some McDonald’s and hit the road. No problem we got on the road and headed to our destination. One of our friends kind of forgot to fill his gas tank before we hit the road. Let’s just say his wife wasn’t too happy but it was a little funny. Thankfully there was a gas station about 5 minutes up the highway.  Where we all filled up and the other friend realized the muffler had somehow popped their spare tire under the truck. I tell you this small road trip was very eventful. They moved the muffler and we set out on the road again. We arrived shortly before dark and got situated. My husband and I set up our tent then we started grilling.

Day 2: June 19th, 2017

The first day of our adventure; took the kayaks out on the river this day and it was a nice paddle. The river was absolutely beautiful; water is so clear you can see to the bottom which was awesome to see. I found a weird bug shell on one of the trees in the middle of the river. I, of course, kept the shell since we homeschool it makes a great lesson. There were some big rocks in the middle that we decided to beach on without kayaks. We waded in the beautiful clear water to cool off. It was very hot and the water was refreshingly cool. While kayaking we found a nice little rock cliff to jump into the water. Zoei was brave enough to jump off sadly I didn’t get a picture of her jumping! I was so proud of her though.

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 Day 3: June 20th, 2017

Oh man, the day we decided to kayak almost 4 miles on the lake along with swimming. We packed a lunch and headed to the lake with the kayaks. It just started out as a small kayak trip to a small island off the shore we launched from. When we got to the island we decided to swim for a little while then eat our lunch. PB&J’s with chips and applesauce lunch for the champs. From that island we made the decision to paddle to a further island. That was a pretty bad idea yet a great workout. It was a pain in the booty to paddle all the way there with bigger motorized boats passing us. We all got to that island and we were sore for sure. Our biceps were on fire from all the paddling we did to get there. Relaxed in the water swimming at our second island and decided to head back. The younger kiddos had enough. The whole trip in all was almost 4 miles. It was a beautiful and painful paddle.

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Day 4: June 21st, 2017

We were pretty sore this day from that almost 4-mile kayak trip. It turned out to be a pretty relaxing day.  Took the kids to the swim area on the river It took a lot for us to get up and going. After, we went swimming the kids wanted to play at the park which turned out to be a great idea so our friend’s toddler could nap.  Dinner was easy we went to a highly recommended pizza place called Grateful Head it was delicious! If you are ever in Broken Bow definitely try this place out it was really yummy.

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Day 5: June 22nd, 2017

Woke up early visited the little nature center to learn about some of the local wildlife. From there we went on a hike it was only supposed to be a mile and a half hike. HAHA well, half a mile in my husband was in a load of pain (disabled veteran that can barely walk) turned to head back to the car the terrain was uneasy for him. I continued the hike with the kids. This hike turned into a 3.15-mile hike and I had to carry Weston a good portion of this hike which in turn started to hurt me since my ankles don’t work like they use to since my injury. While on the hike we saw a bunny and a blue tailed skink.  I was proud of myself though I finished the hike. Took the kayaks to the river and try to paddle some of the rapids. I was nervous about the Rapids since I carry Weston on my kayak. It wasn’t even that bad and I am glad I didn’t let my fear keep me from this adventure. It turned out to be a beautiful paddle the river was covered in fog.

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Day 6: June 23rd, 2017

The day we headed home. We woke up at a decent hour and started packing up. We were all done with this trip and ready to head home to relax and sleep in our own beds. The trip home wasn’t that bad it turned out to be a peaceful drive through small towns.


This was a much-needed trip and it was such an adventure. It was so beautiful down there. If you are in Oklahoma or like camping check out Beaver’s Bend in Broken Bow I can not explain how majestic this was and the pictures don’t even do it justice.

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