6 Supplemental Homeschool Resources

Now that y’all know what we are using for curriculum in our homeschool. How about we talk about some supplemental products we will be adding to our homeschool. These are just things that we will be using this year. Some are resources we really enjoyed from last year. (This post may contain affiliate links. Which means if a purchase is made I may make a very small commission at no extra cost to you. ) View full disclosure.

6 Supplemental Homeschool Resources

Reading Eggs

We absolutely love reading eggs. We used reading eggs last year and I feel it is a lot better than say ABC mouse. Zo enjoys this program as well it is fun and great for on the go. It is also great for that little extra help but with fun games.


Math Seeds

We used this math seeds last year as well and it was one of Zo’s favorites. It is a fun supplement for engaging in math and fun ways to learn math. There are fun games along with word problems for teaching math.



Xtramath is a great supplemental resource for learning math facts. It is a pretty cut and dry program. It strictly teaches math facts and the ones you miss it will continue to go over them. You have to enter the answer before you run out f time.


I picked up this awesome Girls doodle book from a local Michael’s and so far I like it. It gives prompts for the child to complete. Zo is loving it plus it gets her to use her imagination when creating these drawings. I also have an art book I picked up at a library sale that I may add into the mix as well.  I also found this Preschool color and activities book for Weston. It is a fun book that he is enjoying.

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Workbooks and printables

There are a few workbooks that I plan to supplement into our school days. One being a Brainquest book. The brain quest book has different subjects that it goes over. You can choose which ones you want to do for that day. I also have an awesome Minecraft book that I picked up that works on STEM. The book has activities to do while playing minecraft but also outside of the game like building with household materials. I can’t wait to use that book.  I feel like printables will also be in this category I can find cute season themed worksheets to use throughout the year.

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There are so many awesome youtube channels that we plan to use throughout the school year. Channels for science, ASL, history, and so much more. I love that it’s also a free resource to use in our homeschool.



6 Supplemental Homeschool Resources

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