6 Fun Ways to Socialize Your Homeschool Kids

6 Fun Ways To Socialize Your Homeschool Kids

6 Fun Ways to Socialize Your Homeschool Kids

When I first started homeschooling my kiddos we got that dreaded question “How will you socialize your kids or What about socialization?” I think there is a huge misconception with our kids not being able to socialize with other kids or that we keep them around nothing but adults. That isn’t the case of course. There are so many ways to socialize your homeschool kids these are just a few I wanted to share. Here are 6 fun ways to socialize your homeschool kids.

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6 Fun Ways To Socialize Your Homeschool Kids
Local Homeschool group

You can search for a local homeschool group using facebook! I found a wonderful group of homeschool families that we get to hang out with. We do fun outings with our local homeschool friends. Also, you can have penpals too if your local friend moves away. ( I have a post on why having a penpal is beneficial!)

Join a Local Co-op

Most places have co-ops you can join! This is a weekly meeting where kids get to learn together and play together. There are faith-based ones and secular ones. It gives the kids a chance to interact with other kids their ages. You could even start your own co-op if you would like!

Field trips

These are great ways to socialize! You can take them to museums where they can interact with instructors and other kids there to learn. There are so many Free places to explore and learn more about. You could even invite some of your local homeschool friends to tag along with you!

Trips to the park

What kid doesn’t love going to the park? Well if you have older kids I guess they could think the park is lame. My kids are still fairly young and enjoy going to the park. They have so much fun meeting new kids at the park and get to play with them while we are at the park. Again, you could invite your homeschool friends or even friends that have kids in public school. We have plenty of both.

Visit the local library

Our local library has so many fun activities to partake in especially during the summer months. We love going to storytime for my little kid. They have age-appropriate activities like legos for older kids.

Join sports or other activities.

Sports and activities are a great way to socialize your kiddos. Some activities that I am speaking of would be a drama class, summer camp, art classes, and such that kids get to interact with their peers and build a relationship with them. Sports you have to work together with the kids to really get to the objective of that said sport.


Let your kids hang out with the neighborhood kids. My kids love playing with their neighborhood friends. It gives them something to look forward to when their school day is over.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to socialize your homeschool kiddos. I would love to hear the ways you socialize!

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