5 Reasons Kids Should Kayak

5 Reasons Kids should kayak

5 Reasons Kids Should Kayak

Kayaking is a family activity in our household. This is an activity that we can easily do together as a family. The kids absolutely love it! This year we took our first BIG kayaking trip. We also decided to get our oldest her very first kayak. Zoei turned 8 in July her big birthday present this year was her very own kayak. We have an awesome local kayak shop that recommended this one for her. Lets get into the 5 reasons kids should kayak.

Family Bonding

We love to find activities that we can do as a family. Kayaking is definitely one of them. My husband and I each took a kid on our kayaks when we would go out. This was just getting them used to the idea of kayaking and being on the water in one. Both kids ended up falling in love as did we. Since introducing them to kayaking it’s been our thing and can’t wait for the next lake trip. It is nice that we can all get out and kayak together enjoying beautiful nature. We want our kids to be close to us and this gives us something that we can enjoy and grow as a family.

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Self Confidence

As parents we always want our kids to be confident. As a mom, I was SUPER nervous about Zoei having her own kayak and doing it on her own. I was nervous that she wouldn’t catch on or that she would be stranded. I was being a mom. Zoei told me “mom I got this!” She also said, “if you can do it, mom, then I can do it!” I was very proud of her for her confidence don’t get me wrong I knew she would be okay but mom will still worry no matter what.

Zoei very independent and this just added to her self-confidence. She had to figure out problem-solving like how to I turn and how do I turn around. This was a big boost for her in knowing she can do this all on her own! That made me have a proud mom moment I loved seeing how happy it made her while on the water. She just kept saying “this is awesome!”

Confidence is key Confidence is key

Getting them Outdoors

Kids nowadays don’t get outside as much as they used too. Our family is very big on spending time outdoors! Kayaking has helped us get the kids excited about going outside and hitting the lake. With kayaks, we can go fishing on them, sightseeing on them, and just relax on them. Not only do we get them outside; we get to show them the beauty of nature. They get to see all kinds of wildlife that live in and on the water. Being able to see and experience the nature in this way allows them to appreciate the beauty of it.

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Exercise/Hand-eye coordination

It is a workout paddling these awesome kayaks. It works the upper body, back, abs, and shoulders. I know I am probably forgetting more muscles groups but those are primary ones that are worked. Paddling against the wind is a nice workout in its own. Kayaking is also great for hand-eye coordination. Learning how to paddle properly, how to turn properly, how to backup, and just being aware of your surroundings.


This reason was brought to you by Zoei herself! She has loved kayaking on her own!   Since she came up with this reason I wanted to let her explain it. She said, “that she enjoys paddling by herself.” She also stated that “she likes to brag about riding her own kayak”. Zoei said, “Maybe if she tells people about her riding her kayak that maybe others will want to try it out too!”

Thank you for reading. I hope this helps you get your kiddos out on the water and give kayaking a try. It is truly rewarding and relaxing past time with the family.




5 Reasons Kids should kaya

24 comments on “5 Reasons Kids Should Kayak

    1. It is a great feeling being on the open water! it is like the best medicine for anything I think. I want to take our kayaks outside of Oklahoma. It’s on my bucket list.

  1. Yes! We love to kayak together. And I completely agree with how it teaches them confidence! We spent a good chunk of the summer kayaking, and both of my girls gained more and more independence. It is sad because they are growing so quickly, but it helps me know I’m raising them right.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with that. I was not ready to let her go on her own yet that is for sure. My 4 year old wants his own now too in a few years he will get his own.

  2. How fun, I have actually never been kayaking, but would love to try it with the kids when they get a little older.

  3. YES! We are avid kayak fisherman in our house. It is so good for the kids! I used to be really nervous about attempting the task of teaching them how to ride, row or even get in a kayak. Surprisingly, both boys picked it up at a super young age.

  4. This is awesome! A good friend of mine did this recently with her two kids ranging the same age and it was a great experience just like yours. I would be nervous at first like you too, but now I may need to give this a try. Did you know they make inflatable kayaks too?

    xo, Nicole

  5. This is so great, we, as a family, are looking to get into Kayaking (hopefully this summer), but have already been hanging out at the river more with my Bro in law how has a couple of boats we have tried out. It is great fun and does the kids wonder to be able to have a little freedom.

    1. It is so much fun! WE try to live at the lakes and rivers when the weather permits. Didn’t get to that much last year since we were buying a house. hoping this year will be better.

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