5 Kindergarten Math Bins

5 kindergarten math bins

5 Kindergarten Math Bins

I love having hands-on math bins available to my kindergarten kiddo. I put together some fun hands-on math bins that help with fine motor skills along with simple math concepts. Some of the bins covered in this post are things I had on hand and things I had to purchase to make these bins. Let’s get into the 5 Kindergarten Math Bins.

For the bins, you can pick up small bins from Dollar Tree or Amazon. I used some tubberware containers that I had on hand.

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5 kindergarten math bins - Do you need fun hands on math bins for your kindergartner? I have share 5 fun easy to put together math bins for kindergartener. I love hands on math for my littles. These also help with fine motor skills. #homeschool #homeschoolmath #5kindergartenmathbins #kindergartenmath #kindergartenmath #kindergartenmath #dearlyndsey #finemotors

Pipe cleaner bead bin

You will need a bin, beads, and pipe cleaners. For this bin, I used a bin with two compartments so I can have beads on one side and the pipe cleaners on the other side. This activity is great for fine motor skills by picking the beads up and threading them on the pipe cleaner. Kids can work on counting and patterns.

Linking chains

You will need a bin, color plastic chain links, and coordinated cards. This bin I used shape chains and paper plates to create this bin. The paper plates I added color coordinated squares with a number. The kid will need to count out the correct number of the same color. I also created simple addition problems to show how the kids smush all the chain links together to get the sum. I just used a handheld hole punch to have holes for the links to connect to.

Linking Cube bin

Linking cubes are great for many different skills. This bin you will need a bin, linking cubes, and cards are optional.  Linking cubes can be used for creativity by building towers or buildings with a certain amount of cubes. Pattern cards would be great for this bin. Using the linking cubes to build different objects works on creativity and fine motor skills.

Greater than and Less than

Greater than less than cards with little alligator signs. This bin is pretty simple with just laminated cards. Kids can work on how to show greater than and less than. Roll dice to show the number and add it to the card. Use the alligator signs to show which card has more or less. I used my Unicorn Math concept bundle greater than less than mat for this bin.


Tangram Puzzle bin

I LOVE tangrams in our homeschool. It is a favorite by my kids too. There are so many free tangram puzzle printables on Pinterest. I personally used these two and my kids love them. They can pick which puzzle they want to build and go to it. I paid for the dino ones and those are my son’s favorite to make. I also got these animal/ insect printables.


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