5 Fun Ways to Teach Your Preschooler the Alphabet.

5 Fun Ways To Teach Your Preschooler The Alphabet

5 Ways to Teach Your Preschooler the Alphabet

I have one kiddo in pre-k this year that I am teaching! All of our learning is hands-on fun to keep his focus while still learning. I know I am always looking for new ways to teach my kiddos in a fun way. I like to have fun while learning since it helps the information stick in my opinion. Are you looking for fun ways to teach your preschooler or toddler the alphabet? If so let’s go over 5 ways to teach your preschooler the alphabet. Here are 5 fun ways to teach your preschooler the alphabet.

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5 Fun ways to teach your preschooler the alphabet

5 Ways to Teach Your Preschooler the Alphabet


I love having puzzles on hand to use. I mean who doesn’t like puzzles? Not only can you use the puzzles to teach the alphabet but also taps into other amazing skills. My kiddo loves playing with puzzles. I found this one at Target in the dollar spot and grabbed it up.

ABC Puzzle
Letter Stamps

Letter stamps are great to have in your homeschool. There are plenty of uses for them depending on what kind you pick up. For this blog post, I am specifically talking about letter stamps. You can use these to teach the alphabet by letting your kiddo ink the stamp and stamp out the alphabet on paper. You can also you it for sight words later on.

Letter Stamps
Playdoh mats

What kid does not love playdoh? My kids love playdoh and are only allowed to play with it where I can clean it up easily. We know there will always be stray pieces. Anyway, that’s my little mom rant. I have these little mats with the letters and a picture of something that starts with the letter. You just show your preschooler the letter and let them form the letter with the playdoh. My kiddo loves these play-doh letter mats. You don’t even have to use play-doh. You can use string, raw macaroni, or just have them trace the letter with their finger.

Playdoh mat
Alphabet Robots

I have raved about these things quite a few times in posts. They are really freaking awesome! My son loves these little guys. I use them to teach him the alphabet. We say the letter then he can transform it into a little robot and play with it. They also serve as a hands-on activity while I read to him. I use these Alphabet robots for other things too like in this picture my little is using them to keep his hands busy while I read to him.

Alphabet robots

You can use fun songs to teach the alphabet. The normal abc song works for teaching all the letters. Then you can break it down by letters making songs for each letter with the starting sound. Your preschooler can sing and dance while learning their letters how fun is that!



I hope these suggestions help you teach your preschooler the alphabet while having fun doing it. You can check out some of my other homeschool suggestions here.  If you want other homeschool related articles you can find those here.

5 Fun Ways to Teach your Preschooler the alphabet

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