5 Benefits for Kindergarten Penpals

5 Benefits for Preschool Penpals

In this day and age, we are caught up in the tech world. Not much snail mail is being delivered anymore. Our children could possibly miss out on the old school snail mail if you will. I decided again this year to have my kids write a penpal. I know we all love getting packages especially ones from amazon. It’s time to let the kids have those same gitty feels receiving a letter from someone their age. I wrote another post on penpals last year don’t forget to check that one out too. Let’s jump in 5 benefits for kindergarten penpals

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5 Benefits for Kindergarten Penpals


This could be a fun way to let their amazing doodles go to a friend. It gives them the chance to make or write something fun for their new friend. They can do this with stickers and covering their envelope in them. Let them decorate the paper they are sending their friends. Your kindergartener could even just color a simple color page and send it to their penpal. My kindergartner loves using stamps on his letters and envelopes.

5 Benefits for Kindergarten Penpals


This one kind of makes me giggle but it could totally teach your kindergartener patience. We all know that at this age patience is very slim. They want everything now or within reason. With a penpal, they have to learn that the letter can take a little while to get to their friend. It shows them that they have to sit down and patiently write their letters.


Although most kindergarteners are not writing sentences yet it can still help with penmanship. They are still learning how to properly hold a pencil to write at least their name. Writing a letter to their penpal helps with fine motor skills which are a huge deal when it comes to learning.


A Big one is friendship especially if you homeschool your kiddos. These penpals could turn into lifelong friendships for them. They will have someone to write to or interact with throughout the years. Who wouldn’t want a friendship built on writing letters back and forth? This teaches kids social skills like getting to know someone else through writing.

5 Benefits for Kindergarten Penpals

Have Fun

Y’all know fun is a huge part of our homeschool so this has to be one of the benefits! Let the littles go crazy with the stickers and crayons on paper for their penpal. There are so many ways to get creative and have fun with writing their penpals. It is exciting for them to put that letter in an envelope, stamp it, and put it in the mailbox. Your preschooler will also be just as excited to check the mail waiting for their letter.

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