4 Favorite Planner Essentials

Favorite Planner Essentials
It’s that time of year again where I start planning our homeschool year out. I love planning it gives me a satisfying feeling. I may also just love color coding everything as well.  I use my planner for both our homeschool and personal life. There is enough room for me to do so. I will be listing four of my favorite planner essentials with y’all. (This post may contain affiliate links you can check out my disclosure statement at any time. This means I may make a small profit at no extra cost to you my awesome readers.) These are just my favorite essentials and more can be added to this list.  Let’s Get started.

My 4 Favorite Planner Essentials

The planner is, of course, the #1 item you will need. The type of planner is totally up to you. There are many different styles and layouts that you may have to try a few before you find the layout that fits your needs. I personally really love the Happy Planners. I have used 3 of them so far and still love them. This year I picked up the teacher Edition to use in our homeschool. The Happy Planner has different layouts so you can choose which would fit your planning style. If you are new to planning it may take trial and error before you find one that you like the best.
Yes! You need pens! I may be a pen snob. I am always picking up pens to try out. I love bright colors and color coding everything in my planner. I feel like it just makes life easier when tasks are laid out in color. My top two favorite pens are the Paper Mate Flair pens and Paper Mate Ink Joy gel 0.7 pens. They come in many different colors to help with color coding your planner. Paper Mate Flair pens are a felt tip pen and they don’t bleed through paper.  Ink Joy gel pens are a normal tip with gel ink be careful though sometimes they can smear a bit. I love having different pens on hand.   MME Rocket Party  
Washi Tape
Oh, how I could get lost in washie tape!! I am always adding to my washi tape collection. They literally have a beautiful tape for EVERYTHING! I have holiday tapes, summer tapes, fun foodie tapes, cute pattern tapes, and more. Washi tape is a fun way to decorate your planner and add more pazzz to your planner. That’s how I keep myself planning I look forward to spicing up my planner pages! You can never go wrong with washi tape.
Lastly on my list is stickers! I love stickers as well it makes planning easy. You can get all kinds of stickers for your planner. With my teacher Happy Planner I picked up a teacher sticker edition that has a fun school themed stickers. You can find stickers for household chores that you want to do and put them on certain days. Holiday stickers to go with your holiday washi tape! There are even to do list stickers that can fit in certain planner layouts perfectly!
If you are new to planning I hope this helps you get an idea of things you can use to spice up your planning. If you are a veteran planner let me know some of your favorite essentials for planning!

4 comments on “4 Favorite Planner Essentials

  1. I LOVE and would be totally lost without my Happy Planner! I have the BIG one so it gives me plenty of room for all my scheduling and doodling notes. I have colored pens that I use different entries so they are easier to identify. Happy Planner is just the best!

    1. I love the big happy planners. I love that they come in 18 months so you get more bang for your buck. I need to figure out a system for different entries color wise in my planner. Right now I just use whichever color I fancy at the time.

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