3 Places to visit in Idaho

Places to visit in Idaho

3 Places to visit in Idaho

3 Places to visit in Idaho

My little family went on our very first LONG road trip!! It was very exciting we went on a week vacation to visit family while sightseeing on the way up. We drove the whole way except stopping halfway on the way up and the way back. It was amazing to have the chance to explore and share this with my children. We are all about making memories and since we homeschool the learning NEVER stops here. It was such a beautiful drive we went through the mountains of Colorado. The kids were so stinking excited especially about the tunnels through the mountains. We were able to see the snow-capped mountains. Our final destination was Boise Idaho Here are 3 places to visit in Idaho.

Birds of Prey

Is in Boise Idaho it’s listed as one of the top places to visit in my kid’s National Geographic travel book. I mean how cool is that the kids got to see a place that was rated high in their book. While we were there we spotted a wild bull snake! The kids were stoked about that as was I since I LOVE snakes. I didn’t get a great picture of it though. Birds of Prey is an awesome foundation that helps prey birds repopulate and helps them when natural disasters happen.

We were able to see a presentation of a Falcon learning about her and her habits. It was a very interesting trip the kids loved it. I mean who doesn’t love birds especially prey birds? We all love eagles right? They had a beautiful eagle, vultures, California Condor, and a few owls. There were these super cute ground squirrels that were similar to chipmunks.

Twin Falls

We stopped here on our way into Idaho to eat and it was too dark to see the beautiful views. We decided to stop by on our way out again and got to see the beauty of the Snake River that goes through all of Idaho. It was such an amazing experience all around. We also happened to be in the right place at the right time. When we stopped there we observed base jumpers packing their chutes into their packs getting ready to jump. We didn’t know about the Base jumpers   (youtube video) beforehand and were very excited to be there to experience them jumping.

While they were getting ready we checked out the visitor center and of course bought magnets. We each picked a magnet and put a push pin on our state on the visitor map! The kids loved it. There is a beautiful bridge called the Perrine Bridge and it is 488 ft above the Snake River. Trails go along the sides of the bridge with lookout areas attached to the side. We had the chance to watch the Base jumpers which was nerve wrenching. If you are unfamiliar with Base Jumping it is where you jump from a high fixed structure with a parachute or wingsuit. Weston thought it was absolutely the coolest thing of life. Zoei was nervous for them.

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Shoshone Falls

While we were checking out the visitor center there was a tv live streaming the Shoshone Falls. My husband saw the live stream and was like we have to visit that place before we head home. We asked where the Shoshone Falls was located and the visitor center personnel said it was about 4 miles up the road from Twin Falls. After watching the base jumpers we decided to head to Shoshone Falls. It was absolutely stunningly beautiful. Words can not describe how amazing it was. There were a few lookout areas with a mist from the falls gently coming in contact with you just adds to the awesome experience.

If you find yourself In Idaho check these places out. It is absolutely beautiful up that way and much more to do that we didn’t get a chance too. I hope this helps you plan your trip up there. We are already trying to plan our second trip up there.

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    1. That is an awesome list you have started. I was very surprised by our Idaho visit seeing the mountains was just breathtaking. In Oklahoma, we don’t really have mountains mainly hills and flat land. It was so much fun and the base jumpers were a great surprise and scary for sure.

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