3 Homeschool Misconceptions

.There are many homeschool misconceptions. I am just going to go over 3 today in this blog post that I hear or get most often when I tell someone we homeschool. Pretty sure other homeschool parents have heard these same ones countless of times. Hearing these I try to educate others on these misconceptions and how homeschooling is different than it used to be. Let’s get started on these misconceptions.


This is number one for me. Hearing this all the time when I bring up the fact that we homeschool. A good majority are misinformed on homeschooling. They are in the mindset of the old-school way of homeschooling. We are in a new day and a new age where there are endless opportunities. There are plenty of opportunities for homeschooled children to socialize.  Co-ops are a group that you can join where they teach classes, organize get together’s, and field trips.

There are also other sources outside of the local Co-op’s.  4-H where the children can do all kinds of activities with other children their age. The local Youth center offers sports for the children to play within their own age group. One of our local Co-ops holds P.E. twice a week. So, there are countless ways to get your children out there to socialize. My daughter is a social butterfly. I will have pictures posted of a few moments we have had over the 3 years we have homeschooled. These are just a few times we have socialized with others.

corn box with friends
Aquarium field trip
Local Homeschool group book fair.
Picnic with friends


There are a few that believe that my children or homeschooled children will lack in the education department. We have access to all kinds of different curricula that we can use to teach our children. WE as the parent and teacher get to CHOOSE what we want them to learn. My children also have a say in what they would like to learn as well. I let them choose something that interests them and work it into our curriculum. My children personally learn things that are not book taught. An example is survival: it is a big part of our life so we incorporate that into our schooling.

The kids learn how to hunt, fish, camp, garden, and much so much more in life skills as well.  Homeschooling we also can see where our child struggles and where they excel. In our homeschool, we truly believe in the “there is no child left behind”. We can spend time on subjects or areas that my child is struggling with. We won’t move on until this task or subject is mastered. I want them to be able to have a full understanding before moving on to something new. These are just a few of our Education tools that we use.


Whenever I mention homeschool some think it’s all religious based. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of awesome religious based curriculum that some of my fellow homeschool friends use. There are also plenty of non-religious based curriculum that can be used as well. For us and our homeschool we are a secular based homeschool which means we do not study or practice a religion in our homeschool; this is just our personal preference.

These are just the top misconceptions that I have come across in the years that I have been homeschooling. I can not speak for everyone these concepts are from personal experiences.  If you are a homeschool parent or a non-homeschool parent I would love to hear what your concerns or misconceptions would be.

3 Homeschool Misconceptions

15 comments on “3 Homeschool Misconceptions

  1. I hear these all the time when people talk about homeschooling! I have also considered homeschooling my daughter someday if I felt it was the best thing for her, and these are usually the issues people try to argue over. When it comes down to it, if I choose to homeschool her, it is because I feel that I know what is best for her! (And that is coming from a trained teacher!). Thank you for correcting these!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I agree they do try to argue these then realize that I know what I am talking about and realize that homeschooling isn’t too bad.

  2. We homeschool my six year old daughter and she is a bit shy, but that’s just her personality. I was like that when I was little. Even if she isn’t in contact with people outside of her family for eight hours each day, and even if we sometimes need to make an effort to find social activities that interest her, I still feel that the quality of her education and life overall is more important than that one facet of her education.

    1. I completely agree to this. My 7 year old is very outgoing my 3 year old is a little shy. The education is a huge thing for us as well since we don’t have to focus on testing we can focus on actually learning.

  3. So very true! I homeschool 3 of my 5 right now and I have homeschooled from K to high school. Great points you make here about common misconceptions.

  4. Thanks for sharing this! My oldest and I were part of a homeschool preschool co op when he was younger, so I was able to meet a lot of families homeschooling older kids as well. I always heard the socialization concern, and you’re right, these kids have so many opportunities to interact with others!

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