2018-2019 Homeschool Curriculum

2018-2019 Homeschool Curriculum

It is that time of year again where I geek out about all the stuff I am using as our curriculum in our homeschool. I am trying a few new things this year and I have two that now in “school”. I will just be sharing what we are using in this post and hope to do an in-depth review of these products at the end of the school year. Most of what we are using this year is new to us so I am excited to see how my kids take to them and how they work for us. Jumping into our 2018-2019 Homeschool Curriculum. 

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2018-2019 Homeschool Curriculum 

3RD Grade Curriculum This year we will be trying a little online work previously she was not fond of online work. This will test us and see if this helps her understand what had been holding her back learning wise.

For online work, we plan on using IXL I heard this is a really good program I hope she likes it and helps get over a small gap we have right now. She will be doing math and reading through IXL. 

History and Science she will be doing studies weekly which I am pretty excited about. They come with newsletters for the school year. You get one a week and go over the newsletter throughout the week. They also have access to other activities online that go with the weekly newsletter. 

For art, I still have her book from last year. It is a Doodle book that gives prompts and she has to draw the prompts any way she wants. It lets her explore her creative side. 

Lastly language we are hoping to try our hand at German. We already practice ASL and will continue to learn ASL. I figured we can try to add a little German to the mix. I am still waiting for our German book to come in. We will see how it goes I will be learning right alongside them. We also use Little Passports to explore the world. I have a youtube video on our thoughts you can check out here.

PRE-K Curriculum I also have a Pre-Ker this year it’s crazy how time flies. With him, I picked the book shark Pre-k package. It made my life easier to have everything all together for me. Everything is laid out for me and they send me everything I need. It is an all subject package. I love that there is a teacher guide that has everything planned out for me. I just follow it and we are normally done in about 3 hours. He is enjoying it as well asking if it’s school time yet.  (image from books harks website)

I only added a few things extra like handwriting without tears! I LOVE handwriting without tears it is easy to use and my kids don’t fight me about it. We also use Little Passports to explore with every month. You can read my thoughts on Little passports here.

I also added a small preschool art book. It has little prompts as well that he just has to either color, find a sticker, or draw things. He really enjoys this book. I have plenty of fun puzzles and games to incorporate for him as well to keep his learning fun. 

That is all I have for our school year as of right now. I will probably add small things here and there. You can also check out what we used last year for our curriculum

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