15 Educational Stocking Stuffers for kids.

15 Educational Stocking Stuffers

It is almost Christmas time! Where has the time gone? I figured I would put a list together of stocking stuffers. Here is a list of 15 educational stocking stuffers for kids. These will be small items that will, of course, fit in stockings. (This post will contain affiliate links which means that if you purchase through the links I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. The commission is what helps me bring great content to you the readers! <3)You can read full disclosure here.  All the images from this post are from the links provided.

Lego Tape    Lego tape is a hot item this year. It allows you to build with legos anywhere. You want to build on a wall okay put some lego tape up

Story dice Story stones are super fun to have on hand. They have little pictures that you can use to build stories with.

Fossil kit  What kid doesn’t love a fossil kit. I know mine love them that is for sure. A fun way to get hands-on learning.

Math Dice Math is not always fun make it fun with this math dice game. An easy way to learn math facts with dice.

Math Card games  Math card games are great to have on hand. I try to stock up on them when I can.

Bananagrams A fun way to work on spelling. Makes a cute little stocking stuffer and comes in a cute little bag.

Lego star wars kit  Legos are huge in our house. We love putting lego sets together as a family. These are cute little sets that will fit in the stockings. This is just one set there are many different sets to choose from.

Speed Cube  We all know about rubix cubes. This is a great stocking stuffer for a kid that needs to keep their hands busy or loves to fidgit.

Crystal Growing kit My kids love growing crystals these are simple little kits.

Geyser kit These are so much fun. My kids love doing these we actually have a kit saved right now.

Small rock and mineral kit Dig for minerals and small gems with this adorable kit.

Slime A fun way to for kids to get their hands dirty.

3D puzzle erasers. These are adorable puzzles for the stockings and double as erasers!!

Travel Tangram puzzles super fun geo puzzles to get the kids thinking! My son loves these in our homeschool.

Kinetic Sand My kids absolutely love kinetic sand. We use it while I read aloud to them or to build with. It is very calming to play in the kinetic sand.

Happy Holiday shopping.

These are some educational stocking stuffers that will be fun to play with. I hope these help with your stocking stuffer search. I feel like every year I can never find what I want to put in my kid’s stockings. Everything listed here can be found in this shopping list along with other products that would be great educational gifts. Most of these are favorites in our house.


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