12 Educational Toys

12 Educational Toys

12 Educational Toys

I have found 12 educational toys to share with y’all. These are toys that my kids have loved and some I plan on picking up for my kids. I don’t know if it’s because I homeschool but I love buying educational toys. I could totally get lost in out local lakeshore learning store. It is really nice to have these educational toys on hand. Some are fun games that can be repurposed in different ways. These are a mix of preschool and up educational toys. (This post contains affiliate links which helps keep the blog running. Read Full Disclosure)

First 6

This kid baking set is perfect for working with shapes, letters, and numbers. It also helps with imagination and pretending to bake. What kid doesn’t like to pretend bake? The Melissa & Doug fishing set is adorable and My son loves his! It is great for learning colors and numbers. A matching game is great to help build memory skills you can also use these as story stones.

Tangram tiles are so awesome to have on hand. My kids love their set it helps them think and figure out which way the shapes are supposed to go to complete a picture. Then they feel accomplished when that picture is complete and they did it by themselves. These dominos are super cute and perfect for younger kids to learn numbers. My kids love their magnetic map puzzle that I picked up for them. It makes learning the states and world fun when you can add a piece after you learn about it.

Second 6

Kinetic sand is one of our favorites in this household. It is very calming for the kids to play with but great for sensory play. My kids love playing with it while I read aloud to them. Globes are really cool additions to learning. It may not be classified as a toy but they are very educational and great to have. We love montessori type toys for my preschooler. This baking sheet allows him to sort and use hand-eye skills to pick things up along with counting.

Magnetic tiles are also a hit in my household. They are super fun to have and they don’t hurt if you accidentally step on one. My son likes building houses with our magnetic blocks. Alphabet soup toy would be great for learning letters at the preschool age although most are taught not to play with their food. Lastly, animals are super simple but can be used in so many ways. You can use them to sort, teach sounds, teach words, teach habitats, and so much more. I love having animals on hand in our home.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post like I said I can totally get carried away with looking and buying educational toys. If you enjoyed this post please share it and let me know which of these are your kid’s favorites.

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