Freedom Friday Veteran Resources

Freedom Friday Resources

I love my Freedom Friday series. I love helping other veteran’s spread the word about their businesses and supporting one another. When I started this series I was very nervous and I wasn’t sure how it will do, to be honest. Well, It has done pretty well and I am very proud of this. A wonderful reader reached out to me not too long ago about my series. She said she really enjoyed it and what I was doing. Her kind words really made me proud and I did tear up a little it was the best email I could receive.  She mentioned a few resources that she has used to help a family member. I wanted to share those resources with y’all in my Freedom Friday series. These will be Freedom Friday Resources. As I find more awesome organizations I will add to this list.

Freedom Friday Veteran Resources

PTSD guidance

Finding a PTSD therapist 

Homeless vet guide to get off the streets

Building their life back

For homeless veterans

Finacial Fitness

Finacial assistance

Community and support

Affordable legal advice

This is just a small list of resources I have right now to share. I will be researching for more awesome resources to share with y’all. You can check out other Freedom Friday articles here.

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